Ongar Park and Blunts Farm Golf Courses -
Ad Hoc Special

1 April 2003

Council Chamber, Civic Offices, Epping
4.00 p.m. - 5.55 p.m.

Councillors M Woollard (Chairman), Mrs J Davis, L Martin, R Newland,
Mrs C Pond, Mrs P Smith, D Stallan

Mrs A Grigg, D Kelly



Present by
J Preston, I White, (Planning Services), C Robinson, J Canton, P Messum,
S Stranders (Environmental Services), G Lunnun (Policy Unit).

M Flynn (Environment Agency), C Thompson - Clerk of Moreton, Bobbingworth
and The Lavers Parish Council



That the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 20 November 2002 be taken
as read and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


No declarations of interest were made in accordance with the Council's Code
of Conduct for Councillors.

8. GOLF COURSE - ONGAR PARK (Minute 3 - 20.11.03)

The Committee noted that Essex County Council, the Highway Authority, had
approved the access for the Travel Lodge on the A414 at North Weald and a
temporary access to serve the construction of the golf course. Technical
approval had been granted for a permanent access to the golf course in
November 2001 but that had expired and a detailed design now had to be
resubmitted to the Highway Authority. The developers were also required to
enter into a legal agreement in respect of the access. Members noted that the
Highway Authority had not been consulted about the access to the farm shop in
the vicinity. However, in submitting another detailed design for access, the
developers of the golf course would need to take account of the farm shop
access. The Committee was advised that the proposed speed restriction order
on the A414 was not directly concerned with the construction of the golf course.

The Committee was advised that land drainage consent had been issued for the
development. There had been no infringement of the conditions of the consent
and no associated flooding.

The Environment Agency representative advised that the role of the Agency in
relation to the monitoring of this type of development had been limited by the
Government following the revocation of the former licence regime. The
Government was of the view that the regulation should be self policing and
developers had a duty of care in relation to the movement of waste. The
Agency's role was restricted to reacting to complaints about waste being
deposited on a site and taking action in relation to watercourse silting or
pollution. The Environment Agency representative advised that the site had been
inspected following receipt of public concerns but the inspections had not
revealed any matters of concern. Members noted that the Environment Agency
provided a free telephone number for logging complaints from the public.
Complaints, when received, were assessed and sites inspected within two hours
if considered necessary. The success of the process was dependent on the
quality of the information received.
Complainants, if known, were advised of the outcome of investigations.

In reply to questions from members of the Committee, the Environment Agency
representative confirmed that there was no evidence of contaminated soil being
imported onto the site. Inspections had been carried out and records checked
and these steps had not justified soil sampling which was only undertaken when
there was reason to question the status of imported material.

Members considered a draft document proposing supplementary information to be
sought in respect of future applications involving soil movement and


(1) That the current situation regarding access points onto the A414 in the
vicinity of the proposed golf course be noted and the developers be requested to
obtain technical approval for the permanent access, to enter into the relevant
legal agreement, and construct the permanent access as quickly as possible;

(2) That the officers be asked to pursue, with the site owners/developers, a
Section 106 Agreement to control the number of HGVs entering and leaving the
site on a daily basis, and to control the route to and from the primary road
network, for the remainder of the contract, taking account of the materials
required for the proposed buildings on site;

(3) That a report be made to a future meeting of the Committee on the
outcome of the discussions with the site owners/developers regarding the
proposed Section 106 Agreement outlined in (2) above;

(4) That the monitoring of land drainage issues by Council officers and the
importation of materials by the Environment Agency be noted;

(5) That the supplementary information to be required in respect of future
applications involving soil movement and importation as set out in the Appendix
to these minutes be approved;

(6) That the officers report further to a future meeting on a proposed form for
completion by applicants, taking account of the views expressed by members;

(7) That when details of the permanent access for the golf course are
received, members of this Committee and the North Weald Basset and Moreton,
Bobbingworth and The Lavers Parish Councils be consulted.


The Head of Planning Services reported that a meeting had been arranged for
the day after this meeting between representatives of the applicant and the
Planning Services case officer. He pointed out that details of the proposed
access arrangements to this site had already been approved and there was
little opportunity for further consideration of this aspect.



That a further meeting be held on 23 April 2003 at 4.00pm.

Audit and Business Rate Consultative Panel 1 November 1999

Ongar Park and Blunts Farm Golf Courses - 1 April 2003
Ad Hoc Special