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Corporate Plan 2018-2023 Progress reporting & Performance Indicator Set

Meeting: 17/04/2018 - Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 78)

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(Head of Transformation) to consider the attached report (Appendix 4 to follow).

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The Head of Transformation, Mr Bailey introduced the Corporate Plan for 2018-2023.

He noted that this was the authority’s key strategic planning document setting out the journey the Council would take to transform the organisation to be ‘ready for the future’.


A Corporate Specification for each year (previously called the Key Action Plan) detailed how the Corporate Plan was being delivered through operational objectives, with these in turn linked to annual Service business plans.


The content of the Plan – including drivers, objectives and benefits – were the subject of consultation with customers, businesses, partners and staff. The views of Councillors were also sought through the Communities, Governance, Neighbourhoods and Resources Select Committees as well as the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The views of the Cabinet were gained through a report to the Finance and Performance Management Cabinet Committee. Feedback from local councils was taken through a report to the Local Councils’ Liaison Committee.


These consultations showed that the structure and strategic approach of the new Corporate Plan were welcomed by all stakeholders, alongside an endorsement of the consultation itself. Beyond this, a large amount of detailed commentary on specific drivers, aims, objectives and performance measures was received.


An annual Corporate Specification detailed how the Corporate Plan would be delivered through a set of operational objectives for that year. The Council had a number of Key Action Plans, so to avoid confusion the yearly action plan for the Corporate Plan will in future be referred to as the Corporate Specification. This name denotes that it specifies the operational objectives for a given year, which in turn are responded to through annual Service business plans.


Mr Bailey went on to explain how the new ‘benefit maps’ would work and how they should be read. He also showed how these had been simplified over time and made more customer friendly in consultation with members.


Councillor Bedford asked about the data profiles, could they be put in in the bulletin so that members could see them. Mr Bailey replied that they would give members access to the Pentana system which contained all this information.


Councillor Wixley asked about the Customer satisfaction survey. He was told that it was an annual survey, first carried out last year. It will be on the council’s website to get live feedback and may become a quarterly report.


Councillor Patel commented that external transformation was not prominent enough and needed to be filled in. it would be useful for the community to see this. He was told that the Transformation Board was considering this issue and should include it in the future


Councillor Bedford asked for full names and not just the acronyms.


The Chairman observed that any more feedback should be sent directly to Mr Bailey.




(1)        That the Committee reviewed and commented on the proposed benefits and performance indicator set for 2018-2023; and


(2)        That the Committee reviewed and commented on the Council’s proposed format for reporting the performance of the indicator set and the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 78