Licensing Committee - Monday, 21st March, 2022 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Civic Offices

Contact: Adrian Hendry (Democratic Services)  Tel: 01992 564243 Email:


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Webcasting Introduction

1.            This meeting is to be webcast and Members are reminded of the need to activate their microphones before speaking.


2.            The Chairman will read the following announcement:


 “I would like to remind everyone present that this meeting will be broadcast live to the Internet and will be capable of subsequent repeated viewing, with copies of the recording being made available for those that request it.


By being present at this meeting, it is likely that the recording cameras will capture your image and this will result in your image becoming part of the broadcast.


You should be aware that this may infringe your human and data protection rights. If you have any concerns then please speak to the Webcasting Officer.”




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Apologies for Absence

To be announced at the meeting.



Please use the Members Portal webpage to report non-attendance at meetings to ensure your query is properly logged.


Alternatively, you can access the Members portal from the front page of the Council’s website, at the bottom under ‘Contact Us’  



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Declarations of Interest

To declare interests in any item on this agenda.

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Any Other Business

Section 100B(4)(b) of the Local Government Act 1972, together with paragraphs (6) and (24) of the Council Procedure Rules contained in the Constitution require that the permission of the Chairman be obtained, after prior notice to the Chief Executive, before urgent business not specified in the agenda (including a supplementary agenda of which the statutory period of notice has been given) may be transacted.


In accordance with Operational Standing Order (6) (non-executive bodies), any item raised by a non-member shall require the support of a member of the Committee concerned and the Chairman of that Committee. Two weeks notice of non-urgent items is required.

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Minutes of the Licensing Committee pdf icon PDF 146 KB

To confirm the minutes of the Licensing Committee meeting held on 13 October 2021.


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Minutes of the Licensing Sub-Committees

The minutes from the Sub-Committee’s meetings will be available for the relevant Chairmen to sign off.

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Licensing Statistics pdf icon PDF 134 KB

To note the Taxi Licence statistics and the general Licensing Statistics in the two reports attached.


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Road Closures / Street Parties pdf icon PDF 381 KB

To note the report on organised street parties to celebrate national events. This year residents are being encouraged to organise and host parties across the bank holiday weekend (2nd – 5th June), or as part of The Big Jubilee Lunch.


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Electric Vehicles and Charging Points for Taxis pdf icon PDF 405 KB

At the last meeting members called for an appraisal of the District’s  Electrical Charging points for Taxis. A summary report is attached.


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Taxi Tariff pdf icon PDF 217 KB

Late Report for discussion.

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Review of Licensing Sub-Committee Procedures

To review the proceedings of the Licensing Sub-Committee held during the preceding period and consider any issues of procedure, policy or organisation that have adversely affected the operation or management of meetings.

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Review of Current and Future Training Needs for the Committee

To highlight any further training considered necessary for the members tasked with discharging the Council’s Licensing function.

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Matters Arising

To consider any further matters arising in respect of the Council’s Licensing function, not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

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Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Licensing Committee has been scheduled for 19 October 2022 at 7.00pm in the Council Chamber.


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