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Local Councils' Liaison Committee
Wednesday, 17th March, 2010 7.30 pm

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To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Committee held on 18 November 2009 (previously circulated) and matters arising.




That the minutes of the last meeting of the Committee held on 18 November 2009 be agreed subject to the following amendments:


·         Councillor C Pond represented Loughton both as a Town Councillor and County Councillor.


·         Councillor J Whitehouse sent her apologies as both District Councillor and County Councillor for Epping.


·         Councillor J Filby was a representative from Lambourne Parish Council not Epping Town.


London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games - Co-ordination of Celebratory Events and Opportunities for Legacy Benefits.

An overview of issues arising from the London 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games and an opportunity to share information regarding any plans to celebrate the games at a local level.


The Deputy Chief Executive, Derek Macnab gave a brief update on behalf of the Epping Forest Olympic Champion, Councillor S Murray. The District Council asked that Town and Parishes Councils notify the Council about future events organised to celebrate the forthcoming Olympic Games, so that joint working opportunities could be generated.


The White Water Canoe Centre had been re-located to the Lee Valley Regional Park in Broxbourne, just 150 metres from the Royal Gunpowder Mills site in Waltham Abbey, with an expectancy of attracting around 14,000 per day visitors, through the period of the Olympic Games.


In addition officers were looking at possibilities for North Weald Airfield to potential provide a camping site for the Caravan Club, business aviation for Corporate events and sponsors and an organised Park and Ride site for Olympic transport needs.


Epping Forest Museum had received £10,000 external funding for a County-wide touring Exhibition celebrating Essex Sportsmen and Women.  The Council were supporting a mini Olympics for all Year 6 children in the District.  A bid to hold part of the Olympic Torch Relay had also been submitted.


The Local Councils enquired about the funding commitments that the District could incur from the White Water Canoe Centre, after the Olympic Events.


The Deputy Chief Executive advised that no funding commitments would be necessary from Epping Forest District Council.  A business model had been developed by the Lee Valley Park Authority to run the centre after the Olympics as a white water rafting centre which should be financially sustainable.  The National Canoe Centre had also indicated that their head quarters would probably move to the venue after the Olympics. All public transport for the venue would be running through Broxbourne Borough Council.


The Deputy Chief Executive also advised that Hertfordshire County Council and Broxbourne Borough Council were keen to create an economic development officer to maximise the legacy benefits.  EFDC may contribute.


County Councillor C Pond asked about the usage of the Lorry Park that had been created in the Loughton/Debden area of the M11 for the Olympics and hoped that the usage would remain as a revenue asset rather than returning to waste land.


Councillor J Salter enquired about the traffic problems encountered with the Scouts Jamboree in 2010 and that a similar problem could be caused by the Caravan Club event at the North Weald Airfield.


Councillor Mrs A Haigh asked about information on the rental of houses or lodgers for the Olympics.




That Parish and Town Councils organising events for the Olympics would advise the District Council and Town and Parish Councils would be approached to see if they wished to form a co-ordinating committee with the District.



Standards Committee Investigations

Local Councils are asked to note that for the financial year 2009/10, the District Council has increased its budget for the Standards Committee by £5000 (making a total  of £10,000) to fund ongoing work in connection with investigations and other measures such as training, conflict resolution and mediation.  For 2010/11, the budget has been increased by a further £5000 (to a total  of £15,000) for the same purpose and to reflect ongoing work, particularly some local  councils.


The Monitor Officer for Epping Forest District Council, Colleen O Boyle, reported that the budget for the Standards Committee for the financial year 2009/10 had been increased to a total of £10,000 for ongoing work. For 2010/11, the budget had been increased further to a total of £15,000. The budget had been provided to fund training, conflict resolution and mediation not just investigations.


The Monitor Officer advised that investigation were very expensive and some of the issues could be resolved by other methods, although it should not deter true complaints.


The Chairman asked whether Parish and Town Councils could contribute to the cost of investigations. The Monitor Officer advised that costs incurred by investigations were the responsibility of the District Council by legislation.




That the Committee noted the increased budget for 2009/10 and 2010/11. 



Monitoring Officer - Visits

Parish and Town Councils are asked whether it would be helpful for the Monitoring Officer or Deputy Monitoring Officer (or both) to be available, if invited, to visit Parish and Town Councils to discuss any matters of interest.


The Monitor Officer advised Parish and Town Councils that the Monitor Officer  Colleen O Boyle, Deputy Monitor Officer Ian Willett, Altercation and Determination Manager Graham Lunnun and Local Assessment Manager Simon Hill were available to visit, if required, to discuss any matters of interest.




That Parish and Town Councils contact the Deputy Monitor Officer to arrange a visit, if required.


Elections - Effect of Combined Parliamentary and District Elections

Parish Councils ’attention’ is drawn to the Returning Officer’s recent letter to Clerks on this subject.


The Monitor Officer advised on behalf of the Returning Officer that all Clerks should have received a letter advising Parish and Town Councils of combined Parliamentary and District elections. Parish and Town elections will be held 21 days after the combined elections. Any concerns or queries to contact the Senior Electoral Services Officer, Wendy MacLeod.




That any queries or concerns raised by the letter sent to the Parish or Town Clerks should be referred to Wendy MacLeod.


Issues Raised by Local Councils

To discuss the following matters raised by Local Council’s:


  • Conservation Areas – Local Councils requested that additional areas should be considered for conservation area status. This matter had been raised at the meeting of the Epping Forest Association of Local Councils and after a brief discussion about the value of Conservation areas, it had been agreed that they were not being served well by present planning arrangements in the District. In spite of being identified as ‘conservation areas’ much that was of interest had been lost. It was also noticed that without the adoption of Article 4 provisions, the District’s conservation areas lacked meaningful protection. 


  • Village Hall Rubbish Collection – Local Councils’ requested an updated on the current position regarding waste collection services for village halls and a review of free collection.


  • Presentations - The Local Councils’ briefly discussed the length of presentations arranged by EFDC at the Local Councils Liaison Committee.  It had generally been agreed that presentations should be time limited.


a)                  Conservation Areas


Concerns had been expressed by the Local Councils that not all notifications of Tree Protection orders had been clearly advertised, which had caused problems when Parish and Town Councils had gone onto complete remedial works .


The Local Councils felt that the Conversation appraisals seemed to be a slow process and more involvement for third party organisations should be considered.  Whilst the use of the Article 4 directive should be used to provide more protection for areas within the Epping Forest District and reduce the alterations, protect and value the areas of conservation.


County Councillor C Pond commented on areas of Loughton and Buckhurst Hill that had been mentioned by members of the national heritage as conversation areas and asked how the Parish and Town Councils could forward this information onto EFDC.


The Assistant Director of Planning, Policy and  Conservation, Kassandra Polyzoides advised that they were aware of resources issues and currently they had only one Conservation Officer, Elizabeth Haines. A report had been submitted to Cabinet on 19 April 2010, for a one year fixed term Technical Officer post in the Conservation section to support the high demand of work and the post would allow for work to be progressed on existing Conservation Areas although not reviewing other areas and whether they merit designation.  


County Councillor C Pond advised that consideration for joint funding to create further role, could be considered because of the valued work of the Conservation section.


Councillor Mrs A Haigh advised that Buckhurst Hill Parish Council had previously tried to protect areas of conservational interest but had been unsuccessful because the houses had been altered too much or too many Victorian buildings had been protected, although if comments had been received about the Buckhurst Hill containing buildings of interest they would take it on board.




That the Assistant Director of Planning, Policy and  Conservation, add the Local Councils comments to the Cabinet report for consultation undertaken.


b)                 Village Hall Rubbish Collection


The Assistant Director Environment and Street Scene (Technical) , Kim Durrani advised that the Cabinet Committee on the 8 March 2010 had decided that fees for the collection of residual waste from Village and Community Halls would be charged at £7.50 per container per collection and £2 rental per week via Sita UK with costs being reviewed annually. The Recyclable Waste collection and Recyclable Waste containers would be free of charge. The decision currently awaits the call in period after which a letter will be sent to all Parish and Town Councils inviting them to get in touch with the Council to discuss arrangements for implementation of collection services. These include formal agreements and duty of care requirements for collections. Officers of the Council will be able to visit the premises and agree the most appropriate collection arrangement with the Parish and Town Council.


Local Councils felt that the recycling collections were acceptable but that the costs for the residual waste were unfair because the majority of the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Any Other Business


Councillor J Salter thanked Councillor P Smith for chairing the committees for the last year.  


Dates of Future Meetings

To note the proposed meeting dates of the Committee scheduled for the new

municipal year:


28 July 2010

10 November 2010

9 March 2010


The future meeting dates for this Committee were noted.