Agenda and minutes

Epping Forest Youth Council
Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Civic Offices. View directions

Contact: D Gilson-Butler Tel: (01992) 564365  Email:

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Confirmation of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

To confirm the Chairman and Vice Chairman for this meeting.


It was noted that Florence would be the chairman and Simran would be the Vice-Chairman for this meeting.





To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Youth Council are correct.


Item 4 was corrected to read web address on Page 1 should read, the full directory of services for the Epping Forest District is available at



The Youth Councillors gave a minute silence for the pupil from Debden High School Harley Watson who tragically lost his life on Monday 2nd December 2019.




That the minutes of the meeting held on 12th November 2019 be taken as read and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Youth Conference Feedback


Youth Councillors felt the Conference ran smoothly and were impressed with the engagement from pupils and the guest speakers were all interesting and gave lots of useful information.


Di reported how she was impressed with the level of delegates and asked the Youth Councillors to thank all teachers for selecting the students who attended. 



First Stop


As Eleanor is not present First Stop will be rescheduled for the January meeting




Youth Councillor Updates

Youth Councillors to report on school issues, achievements, events and training that they have accomplished since the last meeting.


·         Braeside – Sam

Friday 6th December – Christmas Carols

New School Councillor to start

Upcoming Christmas Fair


·         Davenant – Barnaby

Christmas Fair raised £5,000 towards Charities.

Minute Silence taken place today for Harley Watson.

Vlogging Workshop Monday 9th December

Vlogging Professionals came to the school and taught pupils how to use recording equipment. 

Christmas OAP visit Wednesday 4th December


·         Epping St Johns -  Megan

Christmas Fair – Saturday 7th December

Prefects will have a stall to raise money for Prom

Year 11’s now starting to decide A Levels


·         Roding valley High – Florence

Student Council will be updating the Anti-Bullying Campaign

Student Voice to be selected


·         The Independent Youth Councillors – Harriette

Christmas Fair – Saturday 7th December

Mocks to start



Youth Council Representatives at Meetings

Youth Councillors to feedback on any events that they have attended in relation to the Youth Council since the last meeting.


Youth Councillors Eleanor and Tom attended the Chairman’s second business Networking event on 28th November 2019. Eleanor and Tom not present to feedback however Di informed Youth Councillors it was well attended and a good opportunity to networks with guests.


Epping Forest Youth Councillors have been invited to attend numerous meetings and events, below are the meetings and the names of the Youth Councillors who have volunteered to attend:


Di advised Youth Councillors to think about only nominating themselves for 2 meetings due to workload.


·         Stronger Communities Select Committee – Sam, Archie and Simran

·         Chairman’s Business Event – Eleanor and Tom

·         Overview & Scrutiny Committee – James and Florence

·         Epping Forest Youth Strategy – Archie

·         Chairman’s Charity fund raising group – Florence, Megan Sam and Simran

·         Epping Museum – Simran, Megan and Sam

·         Hen Power Volunteering project – Megan and Harriette

·         Information Advisory Group (IAG) for Brentwood and Epping Forest Archie

·         Loughton Town Council meeting Onyeka

·         Neighbourhood Action Panel NAP / Safer Epping Archie & Megan

·         British Youth Council events – London Eleanor & Tallulah



Youth Council Elections


The Chair Florence informed Youth Councillors on the Campaigning and Election dates shown below:


Monday 13th Jan –  Fri 14th Feb       Promotional Assemblies in Schools / Youth Groups and Colleges

Friday 21st February                          Closing date for nominations

Mon 9th March – Fri 20th March        Youth Council Elections in schools

Tuesday 24th March                           Formal announcement of election results

Tuesday 7th April                                Induction Day 1

Wednesday 8th April                          Induction Day 2

April – June                                         EFYC 2020 Induction training (over 6 weeks)

Tuesday 2nd June                              First official EFYC Full Council meeting



Youth Council Events


The Chair Florence informed Youth Councillors up the upcoming events, to pick up with the rest of the Youth Council at next meeting.


·         10/12 Economic development will meet with the Youth Council about the economic strategy for the district, and discuss the future of the high streets. – Florence, Jasmine and Onyeka

·         17/12 EFYC social at Top Golf

·         17/1 Susan Lewis will be attending to talk about the customer strategy – Daniel and Tom

·         3/3/2020 Youth Councillors to give a presentation to the IAG (the High Sherriff suggested the EFYC meet their youth forum).



Di informed Youth Councillors on the Annual British Youth Council (BYC) event which is held in London usually on a weekend, this event is for ages 13 – 25 so they address issues affecting students such as unemployment, homelessness and poverty, to name but a few.


Youth Election 2020 Brochure given out to Youth Councillors and will be sent out to all schools in January. Youth Councillors to take spare copies into schools.

Di confirmed the school dates already booked for Davenant, Braeside and West Hatch school. Still awaiting dates from Chigwell, King Harold, Epping St Johns, Debden Park Roding Valley High and Ongar academy.

Action: Youth Councillors from Chigwell, King Harold, Epping St Johns, Debden Park Roding Valley High and Ongar academy to ask teachers for a school assembly date. We will need 15 minutes to promote the Youth Council.


Di informed Youth Councillors how if two candidates from one school apply to become a Youth Councillor they would be given a seat by default as there is no competition however if 3 or more candidates per school apply, there will be a school election. Pupils must live within the District.



Young Citizen of the Year Award 2020


The Young Citizen of the Year award has now closed and 24 nominations have been received. Nominees will be sent letters informing them if they have been shortlisted or not. This year has been a record year for nominations, Paula thanked Youth Councillors for promoting this in schools.




Christmas Social


Paula has asked all Youth Councillors to respond with either apologies or acceptance as she is still waiting to hear from some members of the group.


Action Could all Youth Councillors let Paula know whether they will or will not be attending the Christmas Social so it can be booked.


Youth Councillor Archie has offered the Jack Petchey money which he won could go towards the Christmas Social.




Jack Petchey Award

To nominate/announce the winner of the Jack Petchey Award.


Tomas Gray was unable to attend the Youth Council meeting however Di spoke about his achievements to members of the group.


Fellow Youth Councillors nominated Tomas as he has been very hard working and taken a lead role as a new member to star in the films and works well within a team.


Tom has grown in confidence and his attendance is excellent. He has matured and taken on more responsibilities as his confidence has grown.


Tom has embraced his Youth Council responsibilities very seriously and we are all delighted with his performance as one of the main actors in the ‘We R Safe ‘Youth Council films.


Tom has a great public speaking voice and he has been keen to take on more responsibilities to give presentations to adult committee meetings.




Submission forms

To consider any new submission forms received and to give updates on any previous submission form.


·         On the 10th December, Economic development will meet with the Youth Council about the economic strategy for the district, and discuss the future of the high streets. Duncan Haslam a former Youth Councillor would like to speak to current Youth Councillors about the concern of our local High Street and making sure the High Street serves our Community for years to come.

·         7th January, the Epping St Johns pupils will film the Youth Councillors for their film about positive things in Epping. Due to the firework incident which happened in Epping High Street at the beginning of the month, pupils at Epping St Johns thought it would be a good idea to film the positive things which young people get involved in within our District such as the Youth Councillors. Di has asked if as many Youth Councillors could attend as possible to help with this.

·         Susan Lewis will be visiting on Tuesday 17 January to talk about the District Councils Customer strategy and Customer Focus Group. 



Any Other Business

(a)          Notices by Diane;

(b)          Notices by Paula;

(c)          Any other notices; and

(d)          Youth Councillor notices.


Notices by Diane;

·         EFDC Cup Awards – Di is still chasing Youth Councillors for the Epping Forest Youth Council Cup, as only one out of three have been returned. The cup will be awarded to two Youth Councillors at the next Youth Council meeting, the winners will then attend the Civic Dinner on 20th March at the Civic Awards evening.

Action Past winner Rene to return the cup so it can be presented to the next winner in January. 


·         Civic refurbishment and meeting rooms for 2020. Due to the building refurbishment taking place to the civic offices, the Youth Council meetings will be temporarily held elsewhere. Di has asked Youth Councillors whether they have any suggestions for where future meetings can be held, the three suggestions were:

·         Epping Town Council.

·         A venue in Loughton

·         Waltham Abbey Museum


Vanessa suggested maybe alternating between venues. Youth Councillors questioned whether this would make taxi prices more expensive for those Youth Councillors to attend. If Youth Council meetings are held at the Waltham Abbey Museum this venue would be free of charge, therefor any money saved on the venue would go towards extra taxi cost’s.


Youth Councillors took a vote. It was agreed that most members would like meetings to be held in either Epping or Loughton.

Action Di, Vanessa and Paula to look into this.


·         iPad Training – Di asked all Youth Councillors whether they would like Ipad training from Archie. All Youth Councillors feeling confident but know to ask Archie if any help is needed.


·         Christmas Social – Di asked Youth Councillors whether they would like to wear Christmas Jumpers and take part in a Secret Santa at the Christmas Social. A vote was taken and agreed all Youth Councillors would like to wear a Christmas Jumper and bring a Secret Santa price guide, no more than £5. Secret Santa gifts to be given out at the Christmas Social.


Notices by Paula;

·         Diaries have been updated and emailed to all Youth Councillors.


·         Paula confirmed who had chaired a meeting.  Paula informed members of the group that any members who did not get a chance this year will be able to do this next year and be added as a reserve. The Youth Councillors who did not get a chance this year are:

-       Harriet

-       Barnaby

-       Ollie

-       Megan


Paula confirmed who will be attending the Christmas Social on Tuesday 17th December ay Top Golf


1.    James Beavis

2.    Archie Flynn

3.    Tomas Gray

4.    Barnaby Hodkinson

5.    Jasmin James

6.    Daniel Mehr

7.    Eleanor Nsofor

8.    Onyeka Okeke

9.    Harriet

10.  Zak Smith

11.  Florence New

Simran Tilwana – Cannot attend

Samantha Halcrow – Cannot attend


Megan informed group how she is not on the WhatsApp group and would like to be added to this.


Notices by Vanessa;

·         Vanessa has asked whether any Youth Councillors would like to volunteer to help at the Waltham Abbey Museum this Saturday as Father Christmas will be visiting the Museum (Youth Councillors  ...  view the full minutes text for item 211.


Date of Next Meeting

To note that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday XX at 19.00 – 21.00 at the Civic Offices.


The next meeting will be held in the Chamber on Tuesday 7th January at 19:00pm – 21:00pm.