Agenda and minutes

Epping Forest Youth Council
Tuesday, 7th January, 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping

Contact: D Gilson-Butler Tel: (01992) 564365  Email:

No. Item


Confirmation of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

To confirm the Chairman and Vice Chairman for this meeting.


It was noted that Eleanor would be the chairman and Harriette would be the Vice-Chairman for this meeting.




To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Youth Council are correct.




That the minutes of the meeting held on the 3 December 2019 were a correct record.



First Stop


Eleanor the Chair informed the Youth Councillors about Yve from First Stop visiting schools all around the district providing them with free sanitary towels which can be collected from the front reception at schools. Eleanor informed the group how Yves would like Youth Councillors to present First Stop in classrooms, so the campaign can then gain more recognition. Yves to send over a presentation on First Stop so Youth Councillors can do this.


Action: Youth Councillors to help:

Roding Valley – F New, D Mehr, O Okeke.

Davenant – A Flynn,

Chigwell – J Chaudry

King Harold – T Gray

Chelmsford County High – H Picking


Youth Councillor Updates

Youth Councillors to report on school issues, achievements, events and training that they have accomplished since the last meeting.


Davenant Foundation School–School Council meetings being held. Works in progress to improve the canteen and school uniform check ups.  Six Form, Year 13 mocks and A Levels have now started.  Year 13 Work Experience also starting.  Vlog Star challenge is about Vlogging training which has come through the Jack Petchey Project where media students and Vloggers can make videos and enter a completion if they wish.


King Harold Academy – Show my Homework now being done digitally.


Roding Valley High –School Council meeting tomorrow regarding reducing plastic usage.  On the last day of autumn term each House in the school will fundraise for a different charity.  Exams starting.  Chinese exchange students will be arriving soon. Tickets will be sold in all forms for money to be raised for Haven Hospital.


   Independent Youth Councillors – Chelmsford County High.  Year 13 mocks starting.


 Di – Stop and Think pilot is being held at Davenant School on Friday 24 January 2020 with the view to rolling this out to all secondary schools in the district. This is a project targeting Year 7 and 8 pupils to inform them about having a better relationship with the Police and understanding Stop and Search and Stop and Account. All schools will be invited to attend the pilot.  Di would like to thank Davenant school for their support.



Youth Councillor Elections


Youth Council recruitment for 2020 – 2022 and Youth Elections will be taking place during the Spring term. Recruitment and Campaigning dates are from Monday 13th Jan to Friday 14 February 2020 the Community team will be delivering promotional assemblies in all secondary schools:


Monday 13 Jan           RVH Year 11

Tuesday 14 Jan          RVH Year 10

Wednesday 15 Jan     RVH Year 9

Thursday 16 Jan         RYH Year 8

Friday 17 Jan              West Hatch Year 8

Tuesday 21 Jan          West Hatch Year 9

Wednesday 22 Jan     Braeside

Thursday 23 Jan         West Hatch Year 11

Tuesday 4 Feb            Davenant KS3

Wednesday 5 Feb      Davenant KS4

Friday 7 Feb                West Hatch Year 10  

Monday 10 Feb           Ongar Academy Year 7, 8, 9, 10


The Closing date for candidate’s nomination forms is Friday 21 February 2020                    

Action: Di, Paula and Youth Councillors to contact link teachers in Debden Park High, Chigwell, Epping St Johns and King Harold business academy.


Youth Council Elections in schools begin week commencing Monday 9 March – Friday 20 March 2020            


Youth Election dates confirmed so far are Wednesday 18 March 2020 for West Hatch and Friday 20 March 2020 for Davenant Foundation


Action: Di, Paula and Youth Councillors to contact link teachers in Braeside, Debden Park High, Chigwell, Epping St Johns, King Harold, Ongar Academy and Roding Valley High.


Other keys dates are Tuesday 24 March 2020 - Formal announcement of election results

Tuesday 7 April – EFYC Induction Day 1 at Lambourne End

Wednesday 8 April     - Induction Day 2 at North Weald

April – June - EFYC 2020 Induction training (over 6 weeks)

Tuesday 2 June - First official EFYC Full Council meeting


Each school has 2 Youth Council seats however if more than 2 pupils apply this will result in a school election.


Di would like the current Youth Councillors to promote the work of the Youth Council at their own schools.


Florence, Zak and Dan to present to Roding Valley on Mon – Thursday next week

Simran and Samantha at Braeside

Onyeka, Archie, James, Jasmin, Barnaby and Eleanor to present to Davenant.

Tom at King Harold

Rene and Esha at Debden Park

Jyoti at Chigwell

Oliver and Megan at Epping St Johns school


Di would like to wish all Youth Councillors re-standing our best wishes.



Youth Council Cup

Di to advised the winner of the Youth Council Cup.


Vanessa presented the Epping Forest Youth Council Achievement Award to Harriette Picking for being an outstanding public speaker at events such as the We R Safe premiere and she has good attendance. Harriette is hard working and goes the extra mile, she is always willing to volunteer to gain extra experience and opportunities such as the Hen Power project. Harriette is invited to attend the Civic Award Dinner at the Marriot Hotel on Friday 20th March 2020.


Di requested the past 2 Youth Cup winners to return the EFYC Cups.

Action: Di to message Youth Councillors in group chat for their return.



Jack Petchey Award

To nominate/announce the winner of the Jack Petchey Award.


Vanessa presented the Jack Petchey award to Tomas Gray as he has been very hard working and taken a lead role as a new member to star in the films and works well as a team member. Tom is a newly appointed member as his school did not have a Youth Councillor. He has grown in confidence and his attendance is excellent. He has matured and taken on more responsibilities as his confidence has grown. Tom has embraced his Youth Council responsibilities very seriously and we are all delighted with his performance as one of the main actors in the ‘We R Safe ‘Youth Council films. Tom has a great public speaking voice and he has been keen to take on more responsibilities to give presentations to adult committee meetings.




Submission forms

To consider any new submission forms received and to give updates on any previous submission form.


We are awaiting a new date from the Epping St Johns School where pupils will film the Youth Councillors in action for their film about positive things in Epping


A new date from Susan Lewis to talk about the District Councils Customer strategy and Customer Focus Group will now be held on Tuesday 28th January 2020.



Any Other Business

(a)          Notices by Diane;

(b)          Notices by Paula;

(c)          Any other notices; and

(d)          Youth Councillor notices.


Notices by Diane - Di would like to remind all Youth Councillors if they could please attend as many meetings as possible and if you cannot attend please let everyone know in the Youth Councillors group chat.


Climate Change Ambassadors have requested a Youth Councillor to lead with two adult Councillors; this opportunity will be offered to the YEA members. Eleanor and Dan both accepted and happy to attend if the other is unavailable.

Action: Di to let Cllr Bedford know the position has been accepted.


Notices by Paula - Paula would like feedback from Youth Councillors regarding the new packs which will be given out to the new cohort and whether the current Youth Councillors have anything they would improve or change about the packs.


·         Eleanor suggested not having lanyards, as they are not used to gain access to the building. Paula appreciated the comment however lanyards are used to show all Youth Councillors identity.

·         Dan suggested getting rid of the notebooks as they now have their IPads to use.

·         Eleanor suggested no handbook as this could now be done on a PDF copy.

·         All Youth Councillors whom attended the meeting are happy with the uniform.

·         Eleanor suggested water bottles given out in new packs which Paula and Vanessa have already been looking into.


Paula would like to remind all Youth Councillors could you please confirm Taxi booking arrangements and changes with plenty of notice.


Notices by Vanessa - Vanessa would like to inform all Youth Councillors about the training opportunity regarding Loneliness and Isolation Awareness, which can be used in everyday life and will inform how to help in the future when coming across people who deal with loneliness and isolation.


Vanessa would also like confirmation from Eleanor and Dan that they are both able to attend the Youth Strategy Meeting taking place on Monday 10 February at the Youth Centre in Loughton 17:00pm-18:30pm. Eleanor and Dan both confirmed and to meet Vanessa at the venue earlier to run through brief of the meeting, Vanessa yet to be sent minutes of the last meeting from Essex.


Vanessa presented certificates to Jyoti, Florence and one for Rene who was unable to attend this evenings meeting. The Certificates were given out for the Youth Councillors involvement with the consultation around gangs within the District.


Notices by Youth Councillors - Eleanor would like to inform Paula that Sadler Taxis are still arriving at the wrong address, which delays her journey, Paula to sort this for future bookings.



Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Chamber on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 7pm – 9pm.



The next meeting will be held in the Chamber on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 7pm – 9pm.