Agenda and minutes

Epping Forest Youth Council
Tuesday, 5th March, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping

Contact: R Perrin Tel: (01992) 564532  Email: Tel: 01992 564532

No. Item


Confirmation of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

To confirm the Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the meeting.



It was noted that Jasmine would be the Chairman and Stan would be the Vice-Chairman for this meeting.


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To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Youth Council are correct.




That the minutes of the meeting held on 12 February 2019 were a correct record.


Harlow Youth Council

Harlow Youth Council would be attending the meeting.


Harlow Youth Council had sent their apologies and would reschedule at a later date.


Youth Councillor Updates

Youth Councillors to report on school issues, achievements, events and training that they have accomplished since the last meeting.


Youth Councillors updated each other on youth council business carried out within their schools.


Davenant Foundation School – Archie advised that Essex Youth Service had attended their school to promote awareness of County Lines. The schools also wished to reduce the number of plastic bottles and were looking into how to reduce them around the school. Onyeka advised that the school were considering placing more bins around the school.


Epping St John’s School – Oliver advised that pupils were being asked to apply for leadership roles. Stan advised that he had attended the Student Council and they were currently raising money for a charity in South Asia.  


King Harold Academy – Tom advised the Essex Youth service had also attended his school.


Roding Valley High School – Zak advised that they had also received the presented from the Essex Youth Service. He had also approach a teacher about funding raising in school for CRY. Flo added that they had decided to sell Krispy Kreme.


Debden Park High School Rene advised they had been visited by the Essex Youth Service regarding the County lines as well and found it very informative. Year 9 pupils also had their consultation day for their GCSE options.


Event Feedback

Youth Councillors to feedback on any events that they have attended in relation to the Youth Council since the last meeting.


Youth Councillors advised each other, what events they had attended since the last meeting;


Overview & Scrutiny Committee – Youth Councillors Stan, Archie, Flo, Eleanor and Zak had attended the O&S Committee to update the adult councillors on the work of the Youth Council since their election in 2018. Megan, Sam and Simran also supported them.


Epping Forest Youth Strategy – Tom advised that they had attended the meeting. Lots of questions had been asked and  the Youth Council had been asked for their input into youth services across the District.


Young Essex Assembly – Daniel and Jyoti had attended a three day training event.


Communities Select Committee – Stan had attended the last meeting. The topics discussed at the meeting were an update on the EFDC funded Police Officers and the Council’s Fire Policy for council owned properties.



EFYC Project 2019

To determine the project for 2019.


Gaby asked Youth Councillors to consider their next project and the type of research and evidence they might need to collect before they begin. There was an opportunity to hold a Youth Conference in October 2019, to coincide with Local Democracy Week. This could help to evidence the next project.


Youth Councillors advised that ‘healthy eating’ was a big issue and ‘body image’.  


EFYC Projects - Update

To report progress on WE R SAFE and Youth Activities Map projects.


Di advised Youth Councillors that the We R Safe project would need promotional merchandise to promote the films and the youth activities map.


Youth Councillors were asked their opinions on merchandise that would be useful and popular with pupils in years 7 and 8. The consensus was that pens, pencils and rulers were all good items that would be useful.


The films and the Map would be launched on Monday 8July 2019 in the Council Chamber.  Councillors,  youth groups and youth service providers would be invited to take part in market stall type of event, to encourage networking between the services and providers.



Jack Petchey Award

To nominate/award the Jack Petchey Award.


Di announced that the winner of the Jack Petchey Award was Rene Kent.


Her fellow Youth Councillors had selected Rene because of the following reasons;


·         She always put herself forward in meetings and was  eager to help and take the lead;

·         She worked behind the scenes and researched issues;

·         She was very hard working and shared amazing ideas;

·         She always participates and was helpful and shared her ideas;

·         She has shown an inspiring dedication to all youth council jobs;

·         She always says yes to everything;

·         Rene sets an amazing example for every other youth councillor;

·         Rene was well spoken and involved in her school; and

·         She was always volunteering to do things that no one does and she does her best.


Di advised Youth Councillors that the next Jack Petchey nominations were required and Youth Councillors were required to nominate a fellow member, stating the reasons why. Youth Councillors who had already received the award were; Abigail, Ashwin, Jacob, Oliver Upson and Rene.



Youth Council Cup


The winner of the Youth Council Cup was Rene. She was an outstanding Youth Councillor and worked tirelessly, to promote the Youth Council’s work in school and in the local community. She was very innovative and always came up with ideas on how to get young people’s voices heard. Rene’s confidence had grown immensely since joining the Youth Council and she was hard working and passionate about giving young people a voice.


Rene would be joining Stan, Archie and Eleanor at the Chairman’s annual civic dinner on 15 March 2019 at the Marriot Hotel in Waltham Abbey.


Submission forms

To consider any new submission forms received and to give updates on any previous submission form.


The Youth Councillors noted the following submission forms that had been received;


1.            Harlow Youth Council – To be rescheduled;

2.            Young Essex Assembly - Date to be confirmed; and

3.            Equal Arts Hen Power Project - Date to be confirmed.


Any Other Business

(a)          Notices by Diane;

(b)          Notices by Paula;

(c)          Any other notices; and

(d)          Youth Councillor notices.


(a)          Notices by Di


·                     Arjun and Suzie – Fellow Youth Councillors Arjun and Suzie had recently resigned from the Youth Council because of school commitments. Officers thanked them both for their time and effort as Youth Councillors.


·                     Youth Council Charity - Cardiac Arrest in the Young (CRY) – Youth Councillors were asked whether they had progressed with plans to raise funds for CRY. Rene advised that she had completed a letter for schools and following the feedback she had received from officers it would be ready for other Youth Councillors to use within their schools. Youth Councillors had determined that a cake sale would probably be the easiest event to arrange with maximum profit.


(b)          Notices by Gaby


·                     Attendance – Monitoring of Youth Councillors attendance continued.


·                     Taxi’s – All Youth Councillors must send taxi requests by 4 pm on the Friday before the meeting.


·                     High Sheriff Award – Jasmine, Flo and Zak would be attending the High Sheriffs Awards following the Youth Councils winning £1000 award for their We R Safe campaign.


(c)          Notices by Youth Councillors


·                     Epping Town Market – Zak advised that the questionnaire  had been completed and required the Youth Council Logo. Di advised that an additional question should be added to start of the questionnaire ‘How often do you use the market?’ and then it would be ready for distribution.


·                     Future Projects – Stan wanted to considered ‘future opportunities for young people’ as the next project. 


(d)          Georgina Blakemore – The Strategic Director, G Blakemore who would become the Epping Forest District Council’s Chief Executive on 1 April 2019 was in attendance. She advised that she would be looking to the Youth Council, to influence adult councillors to become paperless in the future. The Customer Services Director, R Pavey would be looking into providing the Council Chamber with 21st century conference facilities, to enable this to happen.   


Date of Next Meeting

To note that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 April 2019 at 19.00 – 21.00 at the Civic Offices.


To note that the next meeting would be held on Tuesday 9 April at 7pm – 9pm in the Council Chamber.


The Chairman would be Stan and Vice-Chairman would be Onyeka.