Agenda and minutes

Epping Forest Youth Council
Tuesday, 9th April, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping

Contact: D Gilson-Butler Tel: (01992) 564365  Email: Tel: 01992 564365

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Confirmation of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

At the last meeting it was agreed that Stan would chair this meeting. Onyeka would be Vice-Chairman.



It was noted that Stan would be the chairman and Onyeka would be the Vice-Chairman for this meeting.


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To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Youth Council are correct.




That the minutes of the meeting held on 5 March 2019 be taken as read and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Guest Speaker


Anna Coates from Essex County Council gave a short presentation about the work of the Young Essex Assembly. She attended with YEA members Hannah and Ruby. A video was shown explaining the role of the YEA. They consist of 75 elected young people (aged 11-19), who meet with decision makers to help overcome important issues affecting young people in Essex.


YEA members asked the Youth Council to think about how they can work together. They said EFYC members are welcome as guests at their meetings, which are held once a month in Chelmsford. Eleanor explained how they are a really friendly group.


Youth Councillor Updates

Youth Councillors to report on school issues, achievements, events and training that they have accomplished since the last meeting.


Braeside – Samantha and Simran

Students wore red for Comic Relief and paid a £2 donation. Last Wednesday they had an Easter hunt. They also discussed the school council and issues such as recycling and also ways to help small charities such as quizzes.


Davenant - Eleanor, Onyeka

Their school are removing the use of plastic bottles. Everyone must buy a metal bottle. They had a School Council meeting last week. Form groups are changing. School Council set the goal to refurbish an area. Year 9 had the #Consequences assembly which they enjoyed, particularly the acting. Students have been finding out if they got into 6 form.


Debden Park - Rene

Students found #Consequences very interactive and positive. Year 9 have been choosing their options. Free books have been given to year 7 to encourage reading. Tutor encouraged pupils to decide what to talk about in PHSE and they have been looking at future careers.


Epping St John’s – Stan, James, Megan and Oliver

Finalist for Jack Petchy speak out challenge announced. Possible timetable change for year 11s. James is no longer on leadership team and new ones appointed. Sam is fundraising for CRY. They have made a link with a school in Malaysia. It’s currently exam season and they have been taking part in aspiration sessions. High School Musical play raised a good amount for the school. Discussions taking place about going plastic-less.


King Harold – Tom

The school held a comic relief bake sale. MiLife went well. Year 8 classes are being changed around.


Roding Valley – Daniel and Florence

New head boy and girl have been appointed. Talks have been taking place about organising fundraising events before they leave year 11. Jack Petchy speak out challenge discussed. Currently exam season.  Zak and Joseph won the Pixel up for debate award. The school have been adding meaningful roles such as ambassadors and school council groups.


Event Feedback

Youth Councillors to feedback on any events that they have attended in relation to the Youth Council since the last meeting.


High Sherriff Awards

This event was attended by Florence, Zak and Jasmine who enjoyed the ceremony. They met a lot of important people including councillors and youth councillors. They received the award and £1000 cheque for EFYC project We R Safe. They found it to be a good networking opportunity, great night and lots of fun.


Civic Awards

Awards were received by Archie, Eleanor, Rene and Stan (Zak attended to collect Stan’s in his absence) at Waltham Abbey hotel. They shook everyone’s hands and found it very formal. Pictures were taken with the Chairman. The event was filmed and will be available on the website soon. They learnt about other individuals and people making a difference in the community. It was good for networking and they felt special.



This dance event was held at Epping Forest College. Eleanor and Tom were VIPS. They found it a fun event with good dancing from all ages and styles.


Chairman’s Concert   

Oliver performed at this event and acknowledged the great talent there. Megan and Tom backstage and the Chairman enjoyed it.


Epping Neighbourhood Action Meeting

James and Archie gave a presentation about the EFYC work and the drugs report findings. It was well received. The next project discussed. The meeting went well but had low attendance from the NAP group.


Hen Power

Tom and Megan attended. They found the scheme to be more about working with people and interacting with the elderly than the hens. Simran and Samantha volunteered to attend the next event on Monday.



Young Essex Assembly

Eleanor received an introduction to what they will be doing and found out the location of local meetings. There are four groups including the police and mental health. They could choose which one(s) to take part and commit to. There will possibly be three meetings a month. Curriculum for life was chosen by Eleanor.


Diverse Training

James, Tom and Florence attended this training session where where they discussed different people’s names and information as the best person for a job. They looked at ways people are different and how they should be treated fairly.


CRY heart screening

Megan asked for merchandise. Not currently available but they will provide t-shirts and leaflets.


EFYC Project: We 'R' Safe

To report progress on WE R SAFE



Di reported that the design for the We R Safe project has been produced with the 5 statements and a logo design similar to crime stoppers. Everyone at the launch night will receive information and a goody bag.  A YouTube link has been created. A film and map will be launched. Five mini films will be shown with discussions afterwards including feedback from guests. Youth activities map will be online and interactive. Di is currently working on the launch.


Action: Youth Councillors to arrange a subcommittee to assist Di. Dress the chamber with banners to make real impact for launch event.


The We R Safe Launch will be Monday 8th July at 19:00 - 20:30 in the council chamber. Guests to include crime stoppers, victim support, Councillors, Youth Councillors, police, youth groups, YEA, High Sheriff and many more.


Action: Youth Councillors to email Di and Paula with names of guests they wish to invite, youth group leader, school teacher etc.


Florence summarised the project as being about dangerous situations such as gangs and personal safety. How to avoid situations and what to do and how to report a crime or incident.



EFYC Youth Activities Map

To report progress on the Youth Activities Map


The interactive map is awaiting photos from Youth Councillors.


Action: All Youth Councillors who took photos of their local youth group please send the name of the youth group to Paula. You need to attach the names of the correct Youth Groups. We now need to check data protection and permissions for all addresses and emails.


Action: Paula to purchase merchandise for the Youth Map.


Submission Forms

To consider any new submission forms received and to give updates on any previous submission form.


Di reported that Louis Walton is doing a Digital Inclusion Project looking at IT issues in the Council Chamber. He is considering the use of tablets. He will be coming to the next meeting to ask the views of EFYC.


Action: All youth councillors to submit any questions or ideas to Di before the meeting.


Meeting with the Conservative MP for Epping Forest soon – Right Honourable Eleanor Laing.


Action: Please send your questions for her to Di by 19 April so that Mrs Laing can consider them in advance.


Any Other Business

(a)          Notices by Diane;

(b)          Notices by Paula;

(c)          Any other notices; and

(d)          Youth Councillor notices.


Harlow Youth Council are currently doing exams/study time so finding it hard to meet with us. They suggested EFYC go to meet them in Harlow on Monday 15th June 2019.


Equal Arts Hen Power Project - Megan & Tom are working with hens (female chickens). There are four hens at the care home and also peacocks and peahens.

Action: All youth Cllrs invited to attend Next Monday


Basildon Youth Council & Youth Worker Kerry Allen have been invited to attend a future EFYC Youth Meeting. She couldn’t attend this month but keen to come in future.


Di Seeking funding for Youth Council.

Action: All youth councillors to look at O2 Think Big link, sent to Youth Council to seek funding opportunities as need more funds to support EFYC work.


Next Tuesday Di would like to organise a training session here with at 16:30 – 21:00 with buffet. Four hours of working on CRY project. To agree funding letter and business plan for schools.

Action: All youth councillors prepare ideas in advance.


Notices from Youth Council

Zak produced short questionnaire for Monday market for schools.

Action: All Youth Councillors to promote the survey in schools and to get as many completed for Zak. They are due back for next meeting in May.


Date of Next Meeting

To note that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 19.00 – 21.00 at the Civic Offices.


The next meeting agreed for Tuesday 14th May 7-9pm. Onyeka to chair and Zak Vicechair.