Friday, 1st February, 2019 2.59 pm

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Part A - Forward Diary

Key to abbreviations:




Council Chamber

Cab Off

Cabinet Office


Committee Room 1


Conference Room (1st floor)



Committee Room 2


Chairman of Council’s Office



Members’ Room


Training Room


To be decided


Hemnall Street Offices.


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To be confirmed

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Week One:  4 February 2019 – 10 February 2019



4 February



Licensing Sub-Committee

Senior Management Selection Panel





5 February


Governance Select Committee




6 February



Briefing – Area Plans Sub-Committee East

Area Planning Sub-Committee East





7 February






8 February






9 February






10 February






Week Two:  11 February 2019 – 17 February 2019



11 February


Senior Management Selection Panel




12 February




Senior Management Selection Panel

Epping Forest Youth Council

Resources Select Committee






13 February





Leisure Management Contract Partnership Board

Briefing – Area Plans Sub-Committee West

Area Planning Sub-Committee West







14 February


Local Plan Cabinet Committee - Cancelled




15 February






16 February






17 February





Week Three:  18 February 2019 – 24 February 2019



18 February


Member Training - Safeguarding




19 February






20 February



Briefing – Area Plans Sub-Committee South

Area Planning Sub-Committee South





21 February






22 February






23 February






24 February






Week Four:  25 February 2019 – 3 March 2019



25 February






26 February


Overview and Scrutiny Committee




27 February






28 February






1 March






2 March






3 March






Part B - General Information



We are at the stage of preparing the nomination packs.  We should have the packs ready to send out at the beginning of March.  If you would like a nomination pack (either for yourself as an individual or on behalf of a political party), please let the Elections Office know so that we can add your details to our distribution list – an early response helps with finalising our numbers for printing.


**** Please be aware that ALL nomination papers MUST BE HAND-DELIVERED – we cannot accept them if they have been posted to the Returning Officer at the Civic Offices. ****


We can accept the completed nomination packs from Monday 25 March (NOT before) until 4pm on Wednesday 3 April.  Please do NOT leave submission to the last minute in case of errors. 


There is a change in legislation this year which allows a candidate to withhold their home address form appearing on the ballot paper and Statement of Persons Nominated.  More details are included in the nomination pack together with the new “Home Address Form” which needs to be completed as part of the process.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me (


(Further information: Wendy Macleod ext 4023)


Member Training - Safeguarding

Please be reminded that Member Training on Safeguarding will take place on 18 February at 6pm.


We currently only have Cllr Burrows noted as attending.


Would other Members who will be attending kindly advise Kim Partridge,


(Further information: Kim Partridge ext 4443)


District Development Management Committee

At the request of the Chairman, the meeting of the District Development Management Committee due to have been held on 27 March 2019 has been moved to 23 April 2019.


(Further information: Steve Tautz ext 4180)


Update from Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner - Essex Police & Essex County Fire & Rescue Service Budgets pdf icon PDF 595 KB

Please see attached.


Update on Epping Forest SAC/Issuing of Planning Permissions

The position with regard to the Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation is that the Local Plan Submission Version, December 2017 was accompanied by a Habitats Regulations Assessment "the HRA 2017", which assessed the impact of new development on the integrity of the Special Area of Conservation. The HRA 2017 was based on legal precedent and traffic and air quality modelling results as they stood at the time.


However, since December 2017, additional case law, including People Over Wind, Peter Sweetman v Coillte Teoranta has clarified that under the EU Habitats Directive, consideration of mitigation measures must be deferred to the appropriate assessment stage of the HRA process.  In their Regulation 20 representations objecting to the Local Plan Submission Version (LPSV), Natural England confirmed that they considered an appropriate assessment of the LPSV to be necessary and required extensive updating of the traffic and air quality modelling undertaken for Epping Forest SAC, which has now been extensively updated, following a methodology agreed with Natural England.   


The Council set out a position statement which is on the website explaining the effect of the Natural England advice and the work that the Council was undertaking in order to address the issue.


The Council therefore considered it necessary to update the HRA 2017 and commissioned AECOM to produce the January 2019 HRA report including appropriate assessment the HRA 2019, which comprehensively updates the air quality work for Epping Forest SAC. The 2019 HRA entirely replaces the HRA 2017 and can be found on the Epping Forest District Local Plan Examination website:


Following screening of the LPSV, the two issues which are addressed in the HRA 2019 are:

(i)            Recreational impact;

(ii)           Air Quality


The HRA 2019 includes the appropriate assessments of these two issues and confirms that mitigation measures and strategies are required to support their implementation.


The Mitigation Strategy will therefore comprise two elements as follows:

(iii)           Addressing recreational impacts; and

(iv)           Addressing the air quality impacts.


The approach to the mitigation of recreational pressures, by way of access management projects, is set out in the Interim Approach to Managing Recreational Pressure adopted by the Council on 18 October 2018.


With regard to air quality impacts, the strategy will build on existing national and international initiatives, which in their own right will contribute to an improvement in air quality over the course of the Plan period.  The methodology used to undertake the most up-to-date Air Quality Modelling work to support the Appropriate Assessment of the air pollution impact pathway is set out in the HRA 2019, which Natural England is now in the process of reviewing. The Mitigation Strategy, has yet to be finalised, will address the two issues that require mitigation measures and strategies to support their implementation. In order to provide the sufficient degree of confidence necessary to bring development forward within the District, it is proposed that, effectively, there will be two timescales, as follows:


(i)          For air quality, the Council  ...  view the full agenda text for item 5.


Placement of households across Local Authority boundaries pdf icon PDF 142 KB

Please find attached a letter from Cllr Darren Rodwell, Executive member for Housing and Planning, London Councils that was sent to Chief Executives of Essex Councils at the end of last year, but appears not to have been received.



Chairman's Diary pdf icon PDF 42 KB

Please see attached.

Licensing Act 2003

Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following applications for New Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 for the premises below:



Applicant name:       Antonio Sini


Address of Premises:  19b Forest Drive, Theydon Bois, Essex, CM16 7EX


Brief details of the natures of the application:


New premises licence application:


Sale of Alcohol On sales only             Monday to Sunday                  11:00hrs – 23:00hrs

Opening Hours                                    Monday to Sunday                  11:00hrs – 23:00hrs


Consultation Period From:  25th January 2019 To:  21st February 2019


Officer in charge:  Debbie Houghton Extn:   4336



Applicant name   David Colwell 79057, Licensing Officer, Essex Police


Address of Premises: Wo Fat, 270-272 High Road, Loughton, IG10 1RB


Brief details of the nature of the application; An Application for the review of the premises licence for the above premises was received today 29th January 2019. The application to review relates to the following licensing objective:


The prevention of crime and disorder


The grounds for review are that the crime and disorder objective of the Licensing Act has been undermined in that Immigration Compliance and Enforcement officers of the Home Office discovered disqualified persons working illegally on the premises. The statutory crime prevention objective in the 2003 Act includes the prevention of immigration crime and the prevention of illegal working in licensed premises.


Consultation period from        29th January 2019   To     25th February 2019 


Officer in charge: Handan Ibrahim  



Please ensure that any comments/objections are received by the Licensing team on or before the consultation end date:


Manager                                                         Kim Tuckey 01992 564034

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Sarah Moran 01992 564270

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Nuala Clark  01992 564340

Licensing  Compliance Officer                       Joanne Owen 01992 56 4721

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Handan Ibrahim 01992564153

Licensing Officer                                            Jane Mullinger 01992 564461


1.               Appeals Lodged


EPF/1893/17 – 60 Traps Hill Loughton Essex IG10 1TD - The demolition of an existing 2-3 storey detached house and the development of a new 2-3 storey building consisting of 7 flats (2 x 1 bed, 5 x 3 bed) and including 9 no. car parking spaces, cycle stores and bin stores – Written reps – Ian Ansell ext. 4481


EPF/2656/17 – Land adj, to Englands Lane Loughton Essex IG10 2PB - Construction of 5 residential properties – Written reps – Ian Ansell ext. 4481


EPF/0471/18 – 38 High Beech Road Loughton Essex IG10 4BL-To replace 1 existing dwelling (detached) with 2 new dwellings (semi-detached) – Written reps – Sukhdeep Jhooti ext. 4298


EPF/2307/18 – 31 St Johns Court Buckhurst Hill Essex IG9 5SP - Retention of raised decking area, with addition of obscure glazed screens to sides – Written reps – Jonathan Doe ext. 4103


EPF/2585/18 – 2 Carroll Hill Loughton Essex IG10 1NJ - Replace existing single house with a pair of semi-detached houses – Written reps - Sukhdeep Jhooti ext. 4298


2.         Forthcoming Planning Inquiries/Hearings -


25th – 28th February 2019 - EPF/2499/17 – 13 -15A Alderton Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3JD - Demolition of houses at 13, 15 and 15a, Alderton Hill, and the erection of linked blocks of elderly persons apartments, with integrated care facilities (Use Class C2) with supporting amenity facilities, landscaping, 64 car spaces in undercroft parking at the rear and south side of the block, and associated ground works


14th March 2019 – 12a Alderton Close Loughton Essex IG10 3HQ - Residential redevelopment to provide 4 x 3 bed houses – Ian Ansell ext. 4481


3.               Enforcement Appeals


None this week


4.                Appeal Decisions


EPF/2314/18 – 5 Hornbeam Close Theydon Bois Essex CM16 7JT - Loft conversion with 2 front dormers and a rear dormer – Allowed with conditions


5.         Tree Preservation Orders


None this week


6.         S106 Agreements


None this week


7.         Changes to Planning Systems


None this week


Proposed Planning Enforcement Action

None this week


It is important to note, that when enforcement action has been authorised, this includes any subsequent action under Part VII of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, including a prosecution or an injunction.


Principal Planning Enforcement Officer

Jerry Godden

01992 564498

Senior Enforcement Officer

Clare Munday

01992 564114

Planning Enforcement Officers

Sharon Hart

01992 564113


Jim Gordon

01992 564530


Zara Seelig                 

01992 564379


Mick Mooney

01992 564713

Compliance Officer

Shannon Murphy

01992 564217


Part C - Portfolio Holder Decisions pdf icon PDF 54 KB

The notification of decisions taken by individual Portfolio Holders is no longer included in the Council Bulletin.


All members of the Council receive automatic email notification of the publication of each individual Portfolio Holder decision and the call-in period for each decision commences immediately. Members wishing to call-in a decision should complete the attached call-in form and return it to Democratic Services before the expiry of five working days following the publication date of the decision. Members should refer to the Constitution (Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny) for the rules of call-in.