Bulletin - Thursday 11th March 2021 1.10 pm

No. Item

Part A - Forward Diary

Key to abbreviations:




Council Chamber

Cab Off

Cabinet Office


Committee Room 1


Conference Room (1st floor)



Committee Room 2


Chairman of Council’s Office



Members’ Room


Training Room


To be decided


Hemnall Street Offices.


To be noted


Homefield House


To be confirmed


Virtual Meeting


Debden Park Community Centre


North Weald Airfield


Other venues are shown in full.













Currently meetings are subject to change, postponement or cancellation.


Many meetings will be held virtually but Democratic Services will advise arrangements for individual meetings.



Week One: 15 March 2021 – 21 March 2021



15 March


Local Councils’ Liaison Committee



16 March


Council Housebuilding Cabinet Committee



17 March



Licensing Committee - Cancelled

District Development Management Committee



18 March





19 March





20 March





21 March





Week Two: 22 March 2021 – 28 March 2021



22 March



Epping Forest Local Highways Panel

Audit and Governance Committee



23 March


Portfolio Holder Advisory Group Air Quality



24 March


Area Plans Sub-Committee South



25 March





26 March





27 March





28 March






Week Three: 29 March 2021 – 4 April 2021



29 March


Stronger Place Select Committee



30 March


Stronger Communities Select Committee



31 March


Area Planning Sub-Committee East



1 April



Executive Briefing

Local Plan Cabinet Committee



2 April





3 April





4 April





Week Four: 5 April 2021 – 11 April 2021



5 April





6 April


Licensing Sub-Committee



7 April


Area Planning Sub-Committee West



8 April





9 April





10 April





11 April






Part B - Essential Information

Committee Management System


The members’ extranet facility for the Modern.Gov system is available at:


Members may wish to save this link on their computer or mobile devices. Queries concerning login and password details for the extranet should be addressed to the Democratic Services Manager.





The Council’s Constitution is available at:


Queries concerning the Constitution should be addressed to the Democratic Services Manager



ECC Highways Portal


Up to date details of all Highways work is available at:



Member Contact


Please be aware that all Member queries should be logged using as this will ensure that your query or question is properly logged and chased up if you have not received a response within 5 days.



Members iPad / Technology Issues


Please email details of your issue to and an ICT ticket will be raised on your behalf.


Part C - General Information


Councillor Mohindra

Please be aware that Councillor Mohindra has resigned his District Council seat in the Grange Hill ward, and a request has been received to hold a by-election for his vacant seat. This by-election will be held on 6 May 2021.


Councillor Mohindra was due for re-election in 2022 anyway, so the successful candidate in May will serve out the remaining year of that term.


(Further info:  Gary Woodhall ext 4470)


Constitution Working Group Meeting Cancellation

Members are advised that the next meeting of the Constitution Working Group on 18 March has been cancelled because of a lack of items of business.


(Further information: V Messenger ext 4243)


Countrycare Catch-up Winter 2020-21 pdf icon PDF 955 KB

Please see attached.


Reminder - Members J9 Training - Tuesday 23rd March at 6.30pm.

Would Members who would like to attend the J9 Training please register interest by emailing  


Contact Information

Jack Cooper our Members Team Manager has now left the organisation. 


Please email any queries to the email address which will ensure your message is picked up straight away


(Further information: Susan Lewis ext 4508)


Member Contact

When using the Member Contact form would Councillors please be reminded that they include as much information as possible for example, the residents details, any account or reference numbers, business name and address etc.


Webcast Top 10 pdf icon PDF 113 KB

Please see attached.


ETRO letter to residents High Beach pdf icon PDF 181 KB

Please see attached.


Money Supermarket - Burglary Hotspots pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Please see attached.


Stay Safe, Stay Aware, Take Care. All the information you need in one bag

The Epping Forest District Council, Community, Culture and Wellbeing Team along with The Community Resilience Team have been busy working with lots of other partners to put together a free information bag to help you Stay Safe, Stay Aware and Take Care.


During the coronavirus pandemic it has become more important than ever to make sure we are aware of the ever-evolving scams and other advice, that is out there to help and inform us. Scammers are taking advantage of the current situation, so we decided to put together our Stay Safe FREE bag of information.


We have joined forces with Essex Police, Essex County Fire Service, East of England Ambulance, Age UK, Citizens Advice Bureau and Voluntary Action Epping Forest to mention a few.  


The FREE bag of information contains “The Little Book of Big Scams” and advice and information on a multitude of other topics including Fire Safety, Crime Prevention and EFDC Community Culture and Wellbeing Teams projects.


730 of the 1000 bags have already been distributed in the community with special thanks to all of our Community Champions, local pharmacists, doctors and various Resident’s Association across the Epping Forest district who have all worked with us to get the bags out to the community in a safe way.


What people are saying : “ I sat down and read through the book yesterday afternoon and it was really interesting, the next day I got a phone call and knew straight away - that’s a scam and put down the phone, all because I read the book “  Via one of our Community Champions.   


We also have a digital version of some of the information that is in the Stay Safe bags so if you want a copy emailed to you please contact either Karen Murray, Community Engagement Officer or Wendy Cockbill, Community Engagement Assistance to get a copy today.


Chairman's Diary

None this week

Licensing Act 2003

Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following applications to vary a Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 for the premises below:



Applicant name: Hole In One Ltd


Address of Premises: Restaurant at Abridge Golf & Country Club, Epping Lane, Stapleford Tawney, Essex RM4 1ST


Brief details of the nature of the application:


The application is for a new Premises Licence for a restaurant at Abridge Golf & Country Club.  The applicant is applying for the following licensable activities:


Supply of Alcohol (on the premises only)

Monday to Sunday                  08:00 to 00:00


Provision of Recorded Music

Monday to Sunday                  08:00 to 00:00


Provision of Live Music

Monday to Sunday                  08:00 to 00:00


Hours Premises will be open to the public

Monday to Sunday                  08:00 to 00:00


Seasonal Variation for all of the above activities

New Year’s Eve                      08:00 to 02:00


Consultation Period From:     5th March 2021 to 1st April 2021


Officer in charge: Mr Peter Jones




Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following applications for New Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 for the premises below:



Applicant name: Piya Kitchen Ltd

Address of Premises:  74-76 High Street Epping Essex CM16 4AE


Brief Description


Variation of existing premises licence including change of hours and change to plans layout


Late Night Refreshment

Friday to Saturday 23.00 – 00.00 indoors and outdoors


The Sale by Retail of Alcohol

Sunday to Thursday 09.30 – 23.00, Friday to Saturday 09.30 – 00.00 On and Off the premises


Extending the licence area to include the garden and front side


Opening times

Sunday to Thursday 09.30 – 23.30, Friday to Saturday 09.30 – 00.30


Consultation Period From:      4th March 2021 – 31st March 2021


Officer in charge: Debbie Houghton




Applicant name: Gift Angels

Address of Premises:  Unit 2, New House Farm, Sheering Lower Road, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 9LE


Brief details of the natures of the application:


New application for internet and online sales of Alcohol, the storage of Alcohol and the delivery by courier of Alcohol gift boxes.


Monday to Saturday 08.00 – 20.00pm, off sales only.


There is no access to members of the public or open to members of the public.


Consultation Period From:      3rd March 2021 – 30th March 2021


Officer in charge: Debbie Houghton





Applicant name:Helen Reynolds of Brick Lock Orchard Ltd


Address of Premises: Brick Lock Cottage, Temple Farm Drive, Roydon, Essex, CM19 5EW


Brief details of the natures of the application:


Manufacturer of cider.


The proposed licence looks to include:

           The supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises.

           Sales are to take place during the following hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00 hours to 21:00 hours.

           The premises opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00 hours to 21:00 hours.


Consultation Period

From:  10th March 2021                      To:  7th April 2021


Officer in charge: Hannah Gould



Please ensure that any comments/objections are received by the Licensing team on or before the consultation end date.


Manager                                                         Kim Tuckey 01992 564034

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Debbie Houghton 01992 564336

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Handan Ibrahim 01992 564153

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Denise Bastick 01992 564334

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Hannah Gould 01992 564721

Licensing Compliance Officer                        Peter Jones 01992 564166


None this week.

Portfolio Holder Decisions pdf icon PDF 11 KB

The notification of decisions taken by individual Portfolio Holders is no longer included in the Council Bulletin.


All members of the Council receive automatic email notification of the publication of each individual Portfolio Holder decision and the call-in period for each decision commences immediately. Members wishing to call-in a decision should complete the attached call-in form and return it to Democratic Services before the expiry of five working days following the publication date of the decision. Members should refer to the Constitution (Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny) for the rules of call-in.