Bulletin - Friday 26th March 2021 12.02 pm

No. Item

Part A - Forward Diary

Key to abbreviations:




Council Chamber

Cab Off

Cabinet Office


Committee Room 1


Conference Room (1st floor)



Committee Room 2


Chairman of Council’s Office



Members’ Room


Training Room


To be decided


Hemnall Street Offices.


To be noted


Homefield House


To be confirmed


Virtual Meeting


Debden Park Community Centre


North Weald Airfield


Other venues are shown in full.













Currently meetings are subject to change, postponement or cancellation.


Many meetings will be held virtually but Democratic Services will advise arrangements for individual meetings.




Week One: 29 March 2021 – 4 April 2021



29 March


Stronger Place Select Committee



30 March


Stronger Communities Select Committee



31 March


Area Planning Sub-Committee East



1 April



Executive Briefing

Local Plan Cabinet Committee



2 April





3 April





4 April





Week Two: 5 April 2021 – 11 April 2021



5 April





6 April


Licensing Sub-Committee



7 April


Area Planning Sub-Committee West



8 April





9 April





10 April





11 April






Week Three: 12 April 2021 – 18 April 2021



12 April


Joint Consultative Committee



13 April


Stronger Council Select Committee



14 April




15 April


Overview and Scrutiny Committee



16 April





17 April





18 April





Week Four: 19 April 2021 – 25 April 2021



19 April


DDMC Briefing (26 Apr)



20 April





21 April


Area Plans Sub-Committee South



22 April


Stronger Communities Select Committee



23 April





24 April





25 April





Part B - Essential Information

New Process for raising IT issues


1.    Members should raise IT issues by contacting Member Contact via email at  Minimum information required; a full detailed explanation of the symptoms, preference for contact details, an appropriate time for IT to contact, and any screenshots of the issues experienced (if appropriate).

2.    Member Contact will raise the incident on behalf of the member with the ICT service desk by telephoning the ICT service desk on internal extension 4888 or external 01992564888.

3.    The Service Desk member will create an incident on behalf of the Member, with the full details. Please note that there may-be occasions when further information is required in order for the service desk to progress the ticket, In this instance the service desk will advise and support Member Contact and postpone the progress of the ticket until the appropriate information is provided.

4.    IT will then accept ownership of the issue and create a ticket.  During the lifecycle of the ticket there maybe be occasions where further information and collaboration is needed with the members directly, ICT will contact the member directly at the stipulated time on the appropriate number provided in the ticket.  Updates on the Tickets will be emailed directly to the member reporting the issue.

5.    In the event that IT have attempted to reach the member on 2 separate occasions and are unable to make contact the ticket will be resolved and escalated to  Member Contact or the Member will then have 10 days to reach out to the service desk in order to re-open the ticket and resolve the issue.

6.    Members are still able to raise tickets directly via the service desk by telephoning the ICT service desk on internal extension 4888 or external 01992564888.

7.    Any IT issues being reported to Democratic Services will be emailed to


Use of Council email address


This is a polite reminder that when undertaking Council business, you must only use your Council email address due to GDPR legislation.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing your Council email account, please following the new process to raise IT issues so our ICT Team can assist.



Member Contact


Please be aware that all Member queries should be logged using as this will ensure that your query or question is properly logged and chased up if you have not received a response within 5 days.



Modern.Gov App Tutorial


A video tutorial is available from Civica on YouTube for using the Modern.Gov iOS app. The video is approximately 12 minutes long and can be accessed via the following link:


Modern.Gov new iOS App Tutorial =



Committee Management System


The members’ extranet facility for the Modern.Gov system is available at:


Members may wish to save this link on their computer or mobile devices. Queries concerning login and password details for the extranet should be addressed to the Democratic Services Manager.





The Council’s Constitution is available at:


Queries concerning the Constitution should be addressed to the Democratic Services Manager



ECC Highways Portal


Up to date details of all Highways work is available at:

Part C - General Information


Local Plan Cabinet Committee - meeting cancelled

Please be advised that the Chairman, Cllr N Bedford, has given his permission to cancel the next meeting of the Local Plan Cabinet Committee on 1 April 2021 owing to the lack of business.


(Further information: Vivienne Messenger ext 4243)


Changes to Regulatory Services

Two Teams within the Regulatory Service have had a name change to explain more clearly their roles (these are shown below).


Old Team Name

New Team Name

New Team Manager Title

Business and Corporate

Environmental Health Commercial and Air Quality

Brian Stalabrass

Team Manager

Environmental Health: Commercial and Air Quality Team






Environmental Health

Private Sector Housing and Grants

Sandra Wilson

Team Manager

Environmental Health:

Private Sector Housing and Grants Team




Members Did You Know…..

If you are having trouble accessing agendas on your iPads or home computers you can find them by:


Accessing them on the EFDC website through Safari for iPads and your web browser for home computers:


Choose ‘Your Council’

Under More Information choose ‘Committees and panels’


This will bring up a list of the current committees. Choose the relevant committee, click on the link, choose the ‘Agenda reports pack’.


This will not bring up any private documents, those that are normally printed on pink.


(Further information: Democratic Services ext 4243)


Webcast Top 10 22Mar pdf icon PDF 112 KB

Please see attached.


EFDC - Business Matters March 2021 pdf icon PDF 2 MB

The council has set up a new monthly business e-newsletter (attached) which will communicate all news and opportunities relating to support for local businesses. If you would like to receive these newsletters in the future please can you sign up via this link:


We would welcome that you share this link with any other local businesses who you know and feel would benefit from receiving this information.


External Scrutiny - Local Mental Health Services for Young People

Sarah Garner will be attending the next meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 15-Apr-21 to give a short presentation on Local Mental Health Services for Young People. As Members will remember, this arose out of the external Scrutiny of Local Mental Health Services for Adults undertaken earlier in the municipal year. To that end, could I ask Members to let me know of any issues that they would like to raise in advance of the meeting (by email please) so that I can brief Ms Garner. The issue of “how apparent mental health concerns amongst local students could be referred to service providers by primary and secondary schools in the Epping Forest District, and how quickly such referrals could expect to be assessed” is already on the list.


Members should also note that Ms Garner is the Assistant Director for the Southend, Essex & Thurrock Children & Young Peoples Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Collaborative and that the current contract is Essex-wide. Therefore, Ms Garner will be able to update Members on what is available in West Essex, but not specifically Epping Forest, although the District does form part of the West Essex region.


(Further Information: Gary Woodhall Ext 4470)


Chairman's Diary

None this week

Licensing Act 2003

Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following application for a full variation to a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003:



Applicant name: Nick Thompson of Connaught Hill, Loughton, Essex, IG10 4DU


Address of Premises: J26 Diner, Skillet Hill Farm, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 3QU


Brief details of the natures of the application:


The proposed variation looks to:

           Remove a condition imposed on the current premises licence under Annex 2, which restricts the number of customers to 40 at any one time.

           Increase the limit of people to 150 to sit both inside and out. 


Consultation Period

From:  18th March 2021                      To:  15th April 2021


Officer in charge: Hannah Gould



Please ensure that any comments/objections are received by the Licensing team on or before the consultation end date.


Manager                                                         Kim Tuckey 01992 564034

Licensing Team                                    


Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following applications for New Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 for the premises below:



Applicant name: Lisa Kashin

Address of Premises:  The Mole Trap PH, Tawney Common, Epping, Essex, CM16 7PU


Brief details of the natures of the application:


Full Variation of existing premises licence,


The Sale by Retail of Alcohol Monday to Saturday 11.00 – 23.00,

Sunday 11.00 – 22.00


To remove 2 conditions under the Operating Schedule of

 The Protection of Children from Harm;


a)            Children under the age of 14 are not allowed on the premises, and

b)            Children between the age of 14-18 may enter the premises when having a meal and accompanied by an adult.


To be replaced with Any person under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult


An addition to the plans to allow an outside bar area being added to the beer garden


Opening Times Monday to Saturday 11.00 – 23.30, Sunday 11.00 – 22.30


Consultation Period From: 23rd March 2021 – 19th April 2021


Officer in charge: Debbie Houghton



Please ensure that any comments/objections are received by the Licensing team on or before the consultation end date.


Manager                                                         Kim Tuckey 01992 564034

Licensing Officer                                            Debbie Houghton 01992 564336


1.            Appeals Lodged


EPF/2796/20 – Priory Farm Norwood End Fyfield CM5 0RJ - Erection of new house – Written reps – Erection of a New House


2.         Forthcoming Planning Inquiries/Hearings -


25th March 2021 – The Old Waterworks Green Lane Nazeing EN10 6RS – Planning and Enforcement appeal - Without planning permission the conversion of a former stable and the erection of an extension to stable to facilitate unauthorised change of use of the land from agricultural to residential – Virtual Hearing


13th April 2021 -  EPF/2905/19 and EPF/0379/20 Epping Forest College Sites Redevelopment of the site to provide x 139 no. residential units in 3 buildings ranging from 3-5 storeys, car parking spaces, communal landscaped amenity areas, secure cycling parking & other associated development and

Redevelopment of the site to provide 285 residential dwellings (Use Class C3) in a series of blocks ranging from 2 to 5 storeys in height, a new Wellness Centre (Use Class D1), creation of a new public park, car parking, communal landscaped amenity areas, secure cycle parking and other associated - – Virtual Inquiry -


EPF/0695/19 - Langley and Mile Nurseries Crooked Mile, Waltham Abbey EN9 2ER - Outline planning application for a residential development comprising up to x 52 no. dwellings (including 40% affordable housing) with vehicular access from Crooked Mile, associated open space, children's play area and ancillary works- date to be arranged


EPF/1649/17 – White Rose Curtis Mill Lane Stapleford Abbotts RM3 1HS – Re determination appeal by new Inspector- date to be arranged


3.            Enforcement Appeals


None this week


4.            Appeal Decisions


EPF/0542/20 – Flats 1-14 and Unit 1 and 2, Aubrey House (formerly rear of 165 High Road) High Road Loughton IG10 4LF - Revisions to Building 2 rear building (Approved under EPF/2600/14) to include penthouse as allowed under appeal APP/J1535/W/19/3226911 and internal and external alterations – Allowed, variation by deletion of Condition 8.


5.         Tree Preservation Orders


None this week


6.         S106 Agreements


None this week


7.         Changes to Planning Systems


None this week

Portfolio Holder Decisions pdf icon PDF 11 KB

The notification of decisions taken by individual Portfolio Holders is no longer included in the Council Bulletin.


All members of the Council receive automatic email notification of the publication of each individual Portfolio Holder decision and the call-in period for each decision commences immediately. Members wishing to call-in a decision should complete the attached call-in form and return it to Democratic Services before the expiry of five working days following the publication date of the decision. Members should refer to the Constitution (Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny) for the rules of call-in.