Bulletin - Friday 21st May 2021 12.13 pm

No. Item

Part A - Forward Diary

Key to abbreviations:




Council Chamber

Cab Off

Cabinet Office


Committee Room 1


Conference Room (1st floor)



Committee Room 2


Chairman of Council’s Office



Members’ Room


Training Room


To be decided


Hemnall Street Offices.


To be noted


Homefield House


To be confirmed


Virtual Meeting


Debden Park Community Centre


North Weald Airfield


Other venues are shown in full.













Currently meetings are subject to change, postponement or cancellation.


Many meetings will be held virtually but Democratic Services will advise arrangements for individual meetings.



May 2021








·         7.00 pm Council 25/05


·         7.30 pm CANCELLED - Area Planning Sub-Committee East 26/05



·         10.00 am - 12.00 pm Qualis - Cabinet Workshop 28/05


June 2021







·         Bank Holiday


·         Licensing Sub Committee 01/06

·         Executive Briefing 01/06


·         7.30 pm Area Planning Sub-Committee West 02/06


·         7.00 pm Overview & Scrutiny Committee 03/06



·         7.00 pm CANCELLED - Cabinet 07/06

·         Member's Expenses Form due for Submission 07/06


·         10.00 am Overview & Scrutiny Agenda Planning Group 08/06

·         7.00 pm Overview & Scrutiny Committee 08/06


·         7.30 pm District Development Management Committee 09/06




·         2.15 pm Cabinet Agenda Planning Group 14/06

·         7.00 pm Council Housebuilding Cabinet Committee 14/06


·         Stronger Communities Select Committee 15/06

·         Licensing Sub Committee 15/06


·         7.30 pm Area Planning Sub-Committee South 16/06




·         7.00 pm Cabinet 21/06


·         Stronger Place Select Committee 22/06


·         7.30 pm Area Planning Sub-Committee East 23/06


·         Constitution Working Group 24/06

·         Executive Briefing 24/06



·         7.00 pm Local Plan Cabinet Committee 28/06


·         6.00 pm - 7.30 pm Member Training - Planning Enforcement 29/06


·         7.30 pm Area Planning Sub-Committee West 30/06


·         7.00 pm Overview & Scrutiny Committee 01/07


·         2.00 pm - 4.00 pm Member Training - Local Authority Finance and Budget Process


Part B - Essential Information

New Process for raising IT issues


1.    Members should raise IT issues by contacting Member Contact via email at  Minimum information required; a full detailed explanation of the symptoms, preference for contact details, an appropriate time for IT to contact, and any screenshots of the issues experienced (if appropriate).

2.    Member Contact will raise the incident on behalf of the member with the ICT service desk by telephoning the ICT service desk on internal extension 4888 or external 01992564888.

3.    The Service Desk member will create an incident on behalf of the Member, with the full details. Please note that there may-be occasions when further information is required in order for the service desk to progress the ticket, In this instance the service desk will advise and support Member Contact and postpone the progress of the ticket until the appropriate information is provided.

4.    IT will then accept ownership of the issue and create a ticket.  During the lifecycle of the ticket there maybe be occasions where further information and collaboration is needed with the members directly, ICT will contact the member directly at the stipulated time on the appropriate number provided in the ticket.  Updates on the Tickets will be emailed directly to the member reporting the issue.

5.    In the event that IT have attempted to reach the member on 2 separate occasions and are unable to make contact the ticket will be resolved and escalated to  Member Contact or the Member will then have 10 days to reach out to the service desk in order to re-open the ticket and resolve the issue.

6.    Members are still able to raise tickets directly via the service desk by telephoning the ICT service desk on internal extension 4888 or external 01992564888.

7.    Any IT issues being reported to Democratic Services will be emailed to


Use of Council email address


This is a polite reminder that when undertaking Council business, you must only use your Council email address due to GDPR legislation.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing your Council email account, please following the new process to raise IT issues so our ICT Team can assist.



Member Contact


Please be aware that all Member queries should be logged using as this will ensure that your query or question is properly logged and chased up if you have not received a response within 5 days.





Modern.Gov App Tutorial


A video tutorial is available from Civica on YouTube for using the Modern.Gov iOS app. The video is approximately 12 minutes long and can be accessed via the following link:


Modern.Gov new iOS App Tutorial =



Committee Management System


The members’ extranet facility for the Modern.Gov system is available at:


Members may wish to save this link on their computer or mobile devices. Queries concerning login and password details for the extranet should be addressed to the Democratic Services Manager.





The Council’s Constitution is available at:


Queries concerning the Constitution should be addressed to the Democratic Services Manager



ECC Highways Portal


Up to date details of all Highways work is available at:

Part C - General Information


Guidance for Members attending Annual Council

The ending of the temporary legislation on the 7th May which allowed remote (virtual) meetings means Annual Council will now need to be conducted in person. As Covid19 restrictions still apply the Council has a continuing legal duty to protect elected members and officers from the risk of infection.  For this reason, our physical meetings will need to be conducted a little differently, at least until the rules change again on the 21st June.


The Government guidance remains that social distancing should be followed at 2m, or 1m with additional risk mitigations, where 2m is not viable.


Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to achieve either 2m or even 1m separation in the Council Chamber and so we intend to use the Conferencing Space on the Ground Floor of the Civic Offices.   Whilst we are still unable to achieve 2m in this space, we can achieve 1m+. 


This is permissible under Government guidance, but to comply it does mean that some additional measures are necessary.  Specifically;


·         We are unable to provide desks for this meeting, as the space isn’t large enough, but as this is Annual Council, hopefully this will not cause a problem.

·         The chairs will need to able arranged ‘theatre style’, side by side in rows, with gaps to move around, so that members aren’t facing each other.

·         We politely request that members wear masks when accessing and exiting the building, unless they have a valid reason not to, and only remove their mask whilst seated.

·         Please enter via the sliding doors under the link bridge.

·         We are unable to provide catering or any opportunity for social interaction after the meeting and request that members exit as quickly as possible once the meeting has finished.

·         Only absolutely necessary participants should physically attend, that’s the elected members and a reduced number of officers.  All other officers and the public can still join or observe virtually, but no members of the public or guests will be allowed to attend in person.

·         Please do not share pens or papers or other objects.  We have a small number of individual wired microphones sufficient for the Chairman, group leaders and a few others. Other members will be provided with a roving wireless microphone either available on a boom, so that the microphone doesn’t need to be handled or if handled, sanitised by a member of staff after each usage.

·         All members can help to protect each other by only asking to speak when necessary and reducing the duration of speeches to the minimum. The Chairman may ask members when speaking to stand briefly to identify themselves and then speak from a seated position to reduce the potential spread of particles.

·         Additional hand sanitiser will be available and positioned around entrances and exits.

·         And, if at all possible, please carry out your own Lateral Flow Covid19 test at home immediately prior to the meeting, and do not attend if the result is positive.


It is important that we closely observe the Government  ...  view the full agenda text for item 1.



The Council has received applications for Grant Aid funding from the groups named below.


If you have any pertinent or relevant information on these applications or their application for funding, please notify via email at


You must declare an interest if you are involved with the group in any way.


1.    Name of Group/Applicant: Epping St Johns PTA


Nature of Application: Funding towards purchase of picnic benches encouraging pupils to spend more time outside in break times supporting wellbeing, socialisation and general health.


2.    Name of Group/Applicant: Radio Forest


Nature of Application: Funding towards cost of upgrading radio software for the provision of hospital radio.


3.     Name of Group/Applicant: Loughton Baptist Church


Nature of Application: Funding towards the installation of new automatic bollard and ground works to provide a safe environment for all Church users.


4.     Name of Group/Applicant:Tindersticks  


Nature of Application: Funding towards the provision of summer camps and resources to encourage families to use Epping Forest.


    5.      Name of Group/Applicant: Epping Playground Association         


Nature of Application: Funding towards the provision of playground equipment at Swaines Green, Epping


    6.      Name of Group/Applicant: Cedarcube


Nature of Application: Funding towards a pilot programme to help

families, particularly disenfranchised youth and women and those suffering from the effects of domestic abuse.


    7.      Name of Group/Applicant: Bakers Benevolent Society


Nature of Application: Funding towards provision of defibrillator, installation and associated training


Please advise James Carstairs of your comments within 7 days from the date this notice was sent.


(Further information: James Carstairs ext. 4302)


Museum reopens with 250th exhibition

The Boys: Holocaust Survivors in the Epping Forest District marks the reopening of Epping Forest District Museum on 17 May. This free exhibition includes video testimonies from the survivors and explores life at the concentration camps alongside the Loughton boys’ liberation and survival. Objects from the Jewish Museum and Imperial War Museum, London form part of the exhibition which is funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.


The exhibition runs from 17 May until 4 September 2021. Booking is not required for the main exhibition. However, the associated talks programme has a small cost and does require booking, this has been subsidised by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Book here: .


Late openings on Tuesdays will be trialled throughout the first month.


See for more details.


Cabinet Meeting 7th June 2021 - Cancelled

Please note that with the permission of the Chairman, the Cabinet meeting scheduled for 7th June has been cancelled due to lack of business.


(Further information: Adrian Hendry ext 4246)


Transferring information to new Councillor based on consent from the third party

Following the agreement that it is the responsibility of the outgoing Councillor to transfer any information to the new Councillor based on consent from the third party, the Strategic Information Governance Group agreed this should be communicated to members through the Council Bulletin and the members induction pack.



On 1st May 2020, a Building Control Surveyor employed by Epping Forest District Council noticed building work being carried out to Forest Lodge Motel Epping Road Epping for which no Building regulation consent had been applied for. No notification of commencement of the work had been given to the Council. On an inspection of the work, several building defects were found in contravention of Building Regulations.


The person responsible for the work was identified as Mr. Saber Ahmed of Hainault Road London E11. Between May 2020 and October 2020, he was given several opportunities to apply for the necessary Building regulation consent and rectifying the defects, but he failed to do so.


Prosecutions were commenced against him in February 2021 for five offences and he failed to attend at the Magistrates Court for two hearings. On the second occasion the Council proved the offences in his absence.


He was fined £660 for each offence  and ordered to pay the Council’s prosecution costs of £1123.50 and a Victim Surcharge of £190



Failure to control the unreasonable noise from barking dogs led to Mustafa Soydag of Orchard Gardens, Waltham Abbey receiving fines and costs of £1347 at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on 11 May 2021. 


Evidence gathered by the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team led to a prosecution in Chelmsford Magistrates Court on 11th May 2021 against Mustafa Soydag of Orchard Gardens Waltham Abbey for breaching the requirements of a Noise Abatement Notice served on him on 17th July 2020 and a Community Protection Notice served on 28th October 2020 requiring him reduce the level of noise caused by his dogs


Mr. Soydag attended at the court and pleaded guilty to the offences


The Magistrates imposed fines of £150 for failing to comply with the requirements of the Community Protection Notice and £200 for breaching the Noise Abatement Notice. He was also ordered to pay a contribution towards the Council’s prosecution costs of £997


(Further information: Nicki Glasscock ext 4703)


Chairman's Diary

None this week

Licensing Act 2003

Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following applications for a New Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 for the premises below:



Applicant name: Topgolf Limited


Address of Premises: Topgolf, Abridge Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6BX


Brief details of the natures of the application:


Full variation to extend the licensable hours to begin at 09:00 daily as opposed to 10:00 daily, and to add Late Night Refreshment. New proposed timings to be:


Sale of Alcohol, Live Music (Indoors), Recorded Music (indoors), and Opening Times

            Sunday – Thursday    09:00 – 01:00

            Friday – Saturday       09:00 – 02:00


Late Night Refreshment (Indoors)

            Sunday – Thursday    23:00 – 01:00

            Friday – Saturday       23:00 – 02:00


Consultation Period From: 14th May 2021      To: 10th June 2021


Officer in charge: Peter Jones



Please ensure that any comments/objections are received by the Licensing team on or before the consultation end date.


Manager                                                                      Kim Tuckey     01992 564034

Licensing Officer                                                        Peter Jones     01992 564721


Please be advised that the Licensing Unit has received the following application for a Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003:



Applicant name:Ozer Hygiene Ltd on behalf of MemisYapici


Address of Premises:Luna Kitchen & Bar, 18 Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 1EE.


Brief details of the natures of the application:


Application for the sale of alcohol with food orders only for consumption on the premises during the following hours:


Monday to Sunday 12:00 hours to 22:45 hours

New Year’s Eve 12:00 hours to New Year’s Day 01:30 hours


The opening hours are as follows:


Monday to Sunday 11:00 hours to 23:00 hours

New Year’s Eve 11:00 hours to New Year’s Day 02:00 hours


Consultation Period

From:  14th May 2021              To:  10th June 2021


Officer in charge: Hannah Gould




Please ensure that any comments/objections are received by the Licensing team on or before the consultation end date.


Manager                                                         Kim Tuckey 01992 564034

Licensing Team                                    


1.            Appeals Lodged


EPF/0121/21 – The Barn Rats Lane Loughton IG10 4AQ - Two storey side extension – Alastair Prince ext. 4462 – Householder appeal


EPF/0259/20 – Rose Farm Hamlet Hill Roydon CM19 5JU - Retrospective change of use of land to a private gypsy & traveller caravan site, consisting of x1 no. twin unit mobile home, x2 no. single unit mobile homes & associated development – Sukhi Dhadwar ext. 4597 – Public Inquiry (linked with Enforcement appeal)


EPF/3053/20 – Field End and Ralwyn Oak Hill Road Stapleford Abbotts RM4 1EH -

The erection of a building to be used for purposes which are incidental to the enjoyment of the occupiers at the dwellings at Field End and Ralwyn – David Maguire ext. 2375 – Written reps (linked with Enforcement appeal)


2.         Forthcoming Planning Inquiries/Hearings -


EPF/0695/19 - Langley and Mile Nurseries Crooked Mile, Waltham Abbey EN9 2ER - Outline planning application for a residential development comprising up to x 52 no. dwellings (including 40% affordable housing) with vehicular access from Crooked Mile, associated open space, children's play area and ancillary works- date to be arranged


EPF/2790/20 –Land North of Heathlands Willingale Road Ongar CM5 0QH -

Change of use of land for the creation of 9 Gypsy/Traveller pitches comprising the siting of 1 mobile home, 1 touring caravan, and the erection of 1 utility building per pitch – Mo Rahman ext. 4415 – Public Inquiry - Date to be arranged


EPF/2606/20 – Orchard Leigh House Nursery Road Nazeing EN9 2JF - Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for existing use of a residential dwelling without compliance with agricultural tie – Public Inquiry - Date to be arranged (Linked with



EPF/2607/20 – Messengers Nursery Nursery Road Nazeing EN9 2JF - Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for Existing use of site for storage or Distribution – Public Inquiry – Date to be arranged (linked with EPF/2606/20)


EPF/1869/20 – Jonen Depot Weald Hall Lane North Weald CM16 6LP - Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for operating an existing use of a storage/distribution depot in breach of conditions 1 & 2 from Appeal Ref: T/APP/J1535/A/98/294457/P2 - Council Ref: EPF/1452/97 – Date to be arranged


EPF/1649/17 – White Rose Curtis Mill Lane Stapleford Abbotts RM3 1HS – Re determination appeal by new Inspector- date to be arranged


3.            Enforcement Appeals


None listed


4.            Appeal Decisions


EPF/0251/20 – 38 Queens Road Buckhurst Hill IG9 5BY - Alterations and extension to create 5no. one-bedroom flats, with amended retail space to front – Dismissed


EPF/0665/20 – 80 Upshire Road Waltham Abbey EN9 3PA - Proposed double storey - side extension with part single storey rear extension & skylights. (Revised application to EPF/1897/19) – Allowed with Conditions


EPF/0990/20 The Harvest Mill Street Hastingwood CM17 9JG - Certificate of lawful development for existing use of land as domestic garden – Allowed with conditions


EPF/1909/19 18 Russell Road Buckhurst Hill IG9 5QJ - Proposed erection of x 4no. dwellings with associated infrastructure and landscaping. – Dismissed


EPF/208720 11 Charles Street Epping CM16 7AU - Proposed single storey rear extension & extension of a dormer (Revised application to EPF/0928/20) – Allowed with conditions


EPF/2447/19 – 1 Buttercross Lane Epping CM16 5AA - Demolish existing house and replace with x6 no. apartments – Dismissed


EPF/2452/20 – Clarador Betts Lane Nazeing EN9 2DB - Alterations to existing bungalow including removal of chimneys, insertion of new dormer windows and rooflights, installation of paved patio and alterations to windows, doors and facade. Erection of porch and minor alterations to lawful extension in accordance with planning application LPA Ref. EPF/0496/20. (Revised application to EPF/0967/20) – Allowed with conditions


EPF/2919/19 – 55 High Street Epping CM16 4BA - Proposed redevelopment of an existing shop including a new shop front, new internal staircase to the flat above & x1 no. new dwelling to the rear of the shop – Allowed with conditions


EPF/3011/19 – Newstead 19 Coopersale Common Coopersale CM16 7QS - Proposed x2 no. new detached single family dwellings on the land currently occupied by the front garden of the existing house with the retention of the existing house – Dismissed


5.         Tree Preservation Orders

TPO/EPF/05/21 – Land at Beech Farm, High Road, Loughton – effective 14th May 2021.


TPO/EPF/06/21 – Rosebank, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois – effective 14th May 2021.


6.         S106 Agreements


None this week.


7.         Changes to Planning Systems


None this week

Portfolio Holder Decisions pdf icon PDF 11 KB

The notification of decisions taken by individual Portfolio Holders is no longer included in the Council Bulletin.


All members of the Council receive automatic email notification of the publication of each individual Portfolio Holder decision and the call-in period for each decision commences immediately. Members wishing to call-in a decision should complete the attached call-in form and return it to Democratic Services before the expiry of five working days following the publication date of the decision. Members should refer to the Constitution (Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny) for the rules of call-in.