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At Epping Forest District Council, the Leader of Council leads the council with the support of the Cabinet, appointed by the Leader to manage a portfolio of services.


The Cabinet (also known as the Executive) is made up of 8 councillors. It makes many of the decisions relating to how Epping Forest District Council is run, working within its financial and policy guidelines.


The Cabinet is the Council’s main decision-making body and is responsible for strategic policy-making and budget setting. Routine decisions are taken by individual Cabinet Members acting under their delegated powers, rather than at Cabinet meetings.


2023/24 Portfolio                                                   2023/24 Portfolio Holder


Leader                                                                     C Whitbread

Place                                                                       N Bedford

Finance and Economic Development                     J Philip

Housing and Strategic Health Partnerships           H Whitbread

Community Health and Wellbeing                          S Patel

Contracts, Service Delivery and Improvement       R Balcombe

Regulatory Services                                                K Williamson


More information on the responsibilities of the Cabinet can be found in the council’s constitution under Portfolio Holder Responsibilities.