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Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet (sometimes referred to as the Executive) makes many of the decisions relating to how the Council is run. It must work within the financial and policy guideline (or framework) set by the Council. Within that framework it determines the business of the Council. This is done either by meeting together as a group (the Cabinet) or individually (by a Portfolio Holder).


These Portfolio Holders make up the members of the Cabinet. The current (from  May 2018) Portfolios of the Council and post holders are:


Portfolio Title

Portfolio Holder 2018/19


Councillor C. Whitbread

Strategic Projects

Councillor A. Lion

Business Support Services

Councillor G. Mohindra

Contract and Technical Services

Councillor N. Avey

Commercial and Regulatory Services

Councillor A. Grigg

Community and Partnership Services

Councillor S. Kane

Customer Services

Councillor H. Kane

Housing and Property Services

Councillor S. Stavrou

Planning Services

Councillor J. Philip


More information on the responsibilities of the Cabinet can be found in the Council’s Constitution (Responsibility for Functions).