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Appointment Panel

Dates of meetings for the Appointment Panel.

Information about Appointment Panel

The Appointments Panel consists of two members from each statutory Political Group on the Council. The Panel makes recommendations to the annual Council meeting each year on nominations for the following appointments from political groups and non-affiliated members:


(a)         the Leader, Deputy Leader and Cabinet members;

(b)         the Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen and membership of Cabinet Committees;

(c)         the Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen and membership of Committees and Sub-Committees (including Scrutiny Committees), Panels, Boards Working Groups and similar bodies; and

(d)         outside body appointments falling to the Council to fill;


In recommending appointments to the Council, the Panel:


(a)         proposes nominations based on the entitlement of each political group in accordance with the statutory pro-rata;

(b)         ensures that consideration is given to any nominations made by non-affiliated members for any position or appointment;

(c)         ensures, so as far is practicable, an equitable allocation of chairmanships and vice-chairmanships across the political groups or to non-affiliated members having majority support; and

(d)         circulates schedules of recommended appointments to all members prior to the Council meeting.


In recommending outside body appointments to the Council, the Panel gives precedence to local ward members for those that have a ‘local’ designation and an equitable allocation of places across the political groups of the Council.