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Asset Management and Economic Development Cabinet Committee

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Information about Asset Management and Economic Development Cabinet Committee



This Committee was formerly known as North Weald Airfield and Asset Management Cabinet Committee and changed its name in the 18th October 2013.




The Committee is chaired by the Portfolio Holder for Asset Management & Economic Development and a Vice-Chairman will be appointed by the Leader of Council from members of the Cabinet.


Management of the Council-Owned Property Assets


To consider and make recommendations to the Cabinet, on proposals brought forward by the officers’ Asset Management Co-ordinating Group in respect of Council-owned property assets which are suitable for disposal, redevelopment or rationalisation in order to secure a financial return to the Council or an improvement in service provision.


North Weald Airfield


To monitor and submit recommendations to the Cabinet as appropriate on:


(a)        strategic land use issues relating to the future development of the Airfield;


(b)        strategic matters relating to the business, recreational and other activities conducted there;


(c)        proposals for the part redevelopment or part disposal of the Airfield or its disposal; and


(d)        proposals for the generation of additional income from aviation and other activities at the Airfield.


The Committee’s terms of reference shall not extend to decision-making on existing Council activities on the site which shall remain the prerogative of the relevant Portfolio Holders within the Cabinet or the Cabinet itself.


In carrying out its responsibilities under 2.4 above, the Cabinet Committee shall have regard to


(i)            the impact of the LDF Spatial Strategy as it develops;


(ii)        the opportunities for disposing of property where it is in the best interest of the District for these to be transferred to more appropriate ownership or disposed of by leasehold in order to secure a financial return to the Council;


(iii)       the suitability of sites for transfer to registered social landlords;


(iv)       partnership schemes which would either assist in the delivery of infrastructure projects or unlock the potential of property holdings of partner bodies.


Economic Development


To make recommendations to the Cabinet on an Economic Development Strategy for the District and on ways of co-ordinating the management of the Council’s property assets to assist with achieving the objectives of that Strategy.