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Waste Management Task & Finish Panel

(Democratic Services Manager) To consider the attached report.


The Democratic Services Manager presented a report on the proposed Waste Management Task & Finish Panel.


The Committee was reminded that it had agreed to establish a Waste Management Task & Finish Panel at its last meeting on 4 June 2019, to support the forthcoming review of the Council’s waste & recycling service. The Committee had to now agree the Terms of Reference, Membership and work programme for the Panel.


The Democratic Services Manager reported that six members had expressed an interest in being a member of the Panel prior to the meeting. A further three members expressed an interest at the meeting, bringing the total to nine. The rules regarding membership of Task & Finish Panels were flexible, save that more than one political group had to be represented and any Cabinet Member whose Portfolio was directly affected by the Panel’s Terms of Reference could not be a member either. The nine members interested in being a member of the Panel satisfied these requirements. It was also incumbent on the Overview & Scrutiny Committee to appoint the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Panel.


The Democratic Services Manager reminded the Committee that the Panel would need to work quickly to ensure that its findings were considered by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee in January 2020. The Waste & Recycling Manager introduced the proposed Terms of Reference for the Panel and drew the Committee’s attention to the six items proposed for the panel’s consideration. It was acknowledged that some of the items had been previously discussed by the Council, such as the introduction of a third wheeled bin, and the Committee was reminded that they were at liberty to add or remove items from the list as they saw fit.


Councillor Wixley raised an issue concerning the frequency that litter bins were emptied, as the Councillor continually saw the same litter bins full and overflowing. Councillor Wixley felt that this was a key issue as he spent an inordinate amount of his Councillor time reporting bins that needed emptying. Councillor Neville and Councillor Rackham supported Councillor Wixley’s comments, and Councillor Rackham highlighted that litter bins were used more during the summer, hence they required emptying more often. Councillor Rackham also enquired why there were not more dog waste bins being established throughout the District? The Waste & Recycling Manager acknowledged that there had been an increased use of litter bins, which created problems in some areas, and there was a seasonal issue with the use of some litter bins as well – especially during the school summer holidays. The Council had ceased putting out separate dog waste bins as bagged dog waste was now permitted to be disposed of in normal litter bins.


Councillor Neville and Councillor Murray supported the proposed review of street cleansing arrangements to effect improvements, and Councillor Neville suggested that bottle deposit schemes should be added to the Terms of Reference for the Panel as there was a Government consultation currently being undertaken on this subject; this was agreed by the Committee. Councillor Murray complimented the Waste & Recycling Manager on his helpfulness and support whenever a waste management issue was reported by the Councillor.


The Democratic Services Manager informed the Committee that a full list of dates for meetings of the Panel would be circulated as soon as they were agreed.




(1)        That the draft Terms of Reference and Work Programme for the Waste Management Task & Finish Panel for 2019/20 be agreed, subject to the addition of Bottle Deposit Schemes;


(2)        That the following appointments to the Waste Management Task & Finish Panel be made for the remainder of the municipal year:


            (a)        Councillor Burrows;


            (b)        Councillor McCredie;


            (c)        Councillor Morgan;


            (d)        Councillor Neville;


            (e)        Councillor C C Pond;


            (f)         Councillor S Rackham;


            (g)        Councillor M Sartin;


            (h)        Councillor J H Whitehouse; and


            (i)         Councillor Wixley;


(3)        That Councillor L Burrows be appointed Chairman of the Waste Management Task & Finish Panel for the 2019/20 municipal year; and


(4)        That Councillor S Rackham be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Waste Management Task & Finish Panel or the 2019/20 municipal year.

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