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CCTV Strategy 2020-2025

To consider the attached report C-013-2019-20.


That the Cabinet agreed the revised CCTV Strategy 2019-2025 and related capital programme expenditure which was contained within respective Directorate budgets.



In the absence of Councillor Bedford, the Leader of the Council introduced the report on the CCTV strategy.


The CCTV work programme 2015 – 2019 would conclude in March 2020 and a review of the CCTV repairs/replacement programme had been carried out to identify estimated costs and works required for the period 2020-2025. 


A new CCTV Strategy 2019 – 2025 had been produced to reflect future requirements and this included a review of the Capital and Revenue budget programme and estimated budget requirements through to 2025.


All expenditure identified for CCTV works stated within the new strategy was held within budgets of the respective Directorates and planned for within the budget setting process. However, CCTV requirements for the Civic Offices have not been included within this report and CCTV Strategy as they were subject to the Council’s Accommodation Review.


It should also be noted, that subject to the Council’s aspirations within its’ Corporate Digital Strategy, it is possible that this strategy will require a review before 2025, as part of a wider digital infrastructure plan for the district.


Councillor Avey asked about the CCTV coverage around the former Club 195 premises. The CCTV operations officer confirmed that they were increasing the CCTV coverage by 3 cameras by Cottis Lane. Asked if they could recoup the costs from the club, officers advised that they would have to look at the legislation.


Councillor Lion commented that this was good report highlighting the advantages of CCTV. He noted that the strategy document noted that there was insufficient revenue to maintain both the council’s current CTCV systems and the new installations being rolled out and those planned for 2020, what was the context to this. He then asked about the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, would this also go into the strategy. He was told that over the last five years they had worked hard to get a good balance between capital and revenue and had a good maintenance contract, so they were not too worried about revenue and currently had no concerns. As for ANPR systems we did have them in Limes Avenue, but they were a specific piece of equipment which went with expensive interrogation software. We can pick up number plates with our existing cameras but cannot interrogate the system. However, they do look at ANPR for the future where possible.


Councillor Philip noted that on page 12 of the strategy (page 54 of the agenda) the numbers on capital expenditure did not seem to add up. Officers said they would go back to their capital accountants and get a correction.


Councillor Murray wanted to see some progress listed on some specific problem areas, but they were not listed. The Leader noted that this was just a strategy document. Officers said that they had not received any complaints so far about these areas, but they would keep them under review.


Councillor Patel commented that there had been a serious incident in Buckhurst Hill recently and there was a request for some cameras to be installed, his concern was if the criteria was too stringent for the use of temporary CCTV and should this be looked at. The Leader again noted that this was a strategy document if he wanted to get into detail for a specific case then he should speak to the officers directly.


Councillor J H Whitehouse asked about the proposed decommissioning of the CCTV in Coopersale shopping area. She was told that they had received very few calls from this area and under the code of practice they had to ask if it was worth replacing them and spending the money.





That the Cabinet agreed the revised CCTV Strategy 2019-2025 and related capital programme expenditure which was contained within respective Directorate budgets.



Reasons for Proposed Decision:


The current CCTV Strategy was nearing completion and Cabinet agreement was required for the future CCTV Capital and Revenue Programme 2020 to 2025.


Other Options for Action:


Not to agree to fund the CCTV Strategy. However, this would have a significant and negative impact on the Council’s ability to provide video coverage of EFDC buildings, car parks and crime hotspots and related criminal evidence for Essex Police.



Supporting documents: