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Any Other Business

(a)          Notices by Diane;

(b)          Notices by Paula;

(c)          Any other notices; and

(d)          Youth Councillor notices.


Notices by Diane;

·         EFDC Cup Awards – Di is still chasing Youth Councillors for the Epping Forest Youth Council Cup, as only one out of three have been returned. The cup will be awarded to two Youth Councillors at the next Youth Council meeting, the winners will then attend the Civic Dinner on 20th March at the Civic Awards evening.

Action Past winner Rene to return the cup so it can be presented to the next winner in January. 


·         Civic refurbishment and meeting rooms for 2020. Due to the building refurbishment taking place to the civic offices, the Youth Council meetings will be temporarily held elsewhere. Di has asked Youth Councillors whether they have any suggestions for where future meetings can be held, the three suggestions were:

·         Epping Town Council.

·         A venue in Loughton

·         Waltham Abbey Museum


Vanessa suggested maybe alternating between venues. Youth Councillors questioned whether this would make taxi prices more expensive for those Youth Councillors to attend. If Youth Council meetings are held at the Waltham Abbey Museum this venue would be free of charge, therefor any money saved on the venue would go towards extra taxi cost’s.


Youth Councillors took a vote. It was agreed that most members would like meetings to be held in either Epping or Loughton.

Action Di, Vanessa and Paula to look into this.


·         iPad Training – Di asked all Youth Councillors whether they would like Ipad training from Archie. All Youth Councillors feeling confident but know to ask Archie if any help is needed.


·         Christmas Social – Di asked Youth Councillors whether they would like to wear Christmas Jumpers and take part in a Secret Santa at the Christmas Social. A vote was taken and agreed all Youth Councillors would like to wear a Christmas Jumper and bring a Secret Santa price guide, no more than £5. Secret Santa gifts to be given out at the Christmas Social.


Notices by Paula;

·         Diaries have been updated and emailed to all Youth Councillors.


·         Paula confirmed who had chaired a meeting.  Paula informed members of the group that any members who did not get a chance this year will be able to do this next year and be added as a reserve. The Youth Councillors who did not get a chance this year are:

-       Harriet

-       Barnaby

-       Ollie

-       Megan


Paula confirmed who will be attending the Christmas Social on Tuesday 17th December ay Top Golf


1.    James Beavis

2.    Archie Flynn

3.    Tomas Gray

4.    Barnaby Hodkinson

5.    Jasmin James

6.    Daniel Mehr

7.    Eleanor Nsofor

8.    Onyeka Okeke

9.    Harriet

10.  Zak Smith

11.  Florence New

Simran Tilwana – Cannot attend

Samantha Halcrow – Cannot attend


Megan informed group how she is not on the WhatsApp group and would like to be added to this.


Notices by Vanessa;

·         Vanessa has asked whether any Youth Councillors would like to volunteer to help at the Waltham Abbey Museum this Saturday as Father Christmas will be visiting the Museum (Youth Councillors to spread the word).


Notices by Youth Councillors;

·         First Stop Project to be on next month’s agenda


#YourSay ballot results Sexual Health was deemed as one of the top 3 issues along with mental health and gangs, Youth Councillors spoke about the importance of Sexual Health being taught in schools. Many of the Youth Councillors felt as though this could be taught more in school due to the lack of Sexual Education.


Di informed members of the group on the Brooke Campaign which provide Sexual Health Education to schools.


Nominations for the Jack Petchey Award were handed in and results announced in January.