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Corporate Plan Key Action Plan Year 3 2020/21 - Quarter 4 Performance Review

To review the quarter 4 Corporate performance report (to follow).


This report reviewed and commented on the delivery against the quarter 4 milestones specifically the projects that highlighted exceptions, which was determined by a red status. There were more ‘reds’ than in previous quarters but the reasons for the red status were referenced. The focus on the red status was where there had been missed targets on key milestones, a key issue of resolution or KPIs had missed targets. These had been reviewed in detail at the recent Stronger Council Select Committee. The majority of cases would be re-baselined to achieve a green status and the reasons for this would be referenced. The quarter 4 KPIs had been unavailable because of the timing of the reporting period and these would be available in the minutes. Also, People KPIs were in their infancy. Staff turnover had increased mainly because of the ICT restructure.


Councillor D Dorrell queried the re-baselining of project milestones and that better descriptions would be helpful. He wanted to know what would be carried over into 2021/22 where delivery had been intended for 2020/21. L Wade, Strategy, Delivery and Performance Service Director, replied that she would supply this information, which was to be included in the minutes.


Councillor D Wixley was worried by the high staff turnover and asked if the Council had a process of interviewing staff when they left, as there was a concern about efficiency when losing experienced people. The Strategy, Delivery and Performance Service Director replied that the ICT restructure had involved new roles and not all staff had been successful at interview. The Council did hold exit interviews and collated information on this. Also, the Senior Leadership Team looked at employee feedback on a quarterly basis.


Councillor J H Whitehouse asked where the project to create vibrant high streets and town centres had got to? The Strategy, Delivery and Performance Service Director advised that progress on this was reported to the Stronger Place Select Committee.


Councillor S Murray highlighted that a more detailed report had been reviewed by Stronger Council Select Committee on 13 April 2021 and that the meeting could be viewed on the webcast.




(1)          That the Committee reviewed the quarter 4 performance report;


(2)          That the updated quarter 4 KPI performance reporting be included in the minutes (see attached); and


(3)          That information on the re-baselining of project milestones that would be carried over into 2021/22 where delivery had been intended for 2020/21, be provided in the minutes (see Post Meeting update below).


(Post meeting update: Re-baselining of project milestones carried over into 2021/22:


Projects from FY20-21 rolling over to FY21-22


Programme / Project

Milestones for FY21-22

·         Waltham Abbey Community & Cultural Hub

·         Confirm EFDC capital funding

·         Produce/agree SLA for management of revised facilities

·         Detailed proposal sign-off (FY21/22-Q1)

·         Fix The basics

·         CHW 1st line migration to contact centre

·         Contact centre Operating Hours review

·         Digital Customer Journey

·         Customer single sign-on

·         Digital Members Journey

·         Councillor Portal

·         Research & Feasibility Recommendations

·         Establish Corporate objectives for Community Data Insight objectives

·         Provide Options for Data analysis tools

·         High Performing and Flexible Workforce

·         Digital Performance Management Review and implementation

·         New automated recruitment process through iRecruit

·         Internal Policy and Process improvement

·         Automate people management by moving to digital processes

·         People policy review / refresh

·         Flexible and Remote Working

·         O365 rollout complete

·         Govroam (Wi-Fi roaming in public sector locations) complete

·         Mobile Phone Review

·         Assessment and strategy complete

·         Infrastructure Review

·         Infrastructure testing complete

·         Further Infrastructure strategy action plan complete

·         Business Application Review

·         Supplier management process implemented

·         Strategy and plan for business application architecture

·         Council Housebuilding

·         Planning permission granted

·         Housing and Asset Management System

·         Initial tender response and evaluation complete

·         Cabinet approval and award

·         Climate Action Plan

·         Cabinet adoption of Climate Action plan

·         Green Infrastructure Strategy

·         Cabinet consideration of strategy for endorsement as a material planning consideration

·         Digital Planning Process Improvement & Digital Solution

·         Phase 1 implementation

·         Local Plan

·         Main Modifications consultation

·         Adoption of local plan

·         Digital Enablement and Gateway

·         Phase 1 implementation

·         Business Zone

·         Appraisal option completed

·         Town Centre Regeneration

·         Presentation to Cabinet


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