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Select Committees - Work Programmes

(Select Committee Chairmen) Article 6 (Overview and Scrutiny) of the Constitution requires that the chairmen of the select committees report to the meeting in regard to progress with the achievement of the current work programme for each select committee and on any recommendations for consideration by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


The current work programme for each select committee is attached as an appendix to this agenda.



(a)          Stronger Communities Select Committee


Councillor D Sunger reported that four meetings had been held so far with a fifth due on 22 April 2021. Essex Police District Commander for Epping Forest and Brentwood, Chief Inspector Ant Alcock, had attended the last meeting on 30 March when members had received interesting updates on current policing activities and crime issues in the District. The Epping Forest Community Safety Partnership Annual Strategic Assessment, Annual Report and Partnership Plan were reviewed, as was the six-month report on the work of the Council-funded Police Officers.


Councillor S Murray had attended that meeting and thanked Councillor D Sunger for the inclusive way that he had chaired it.


Councillor J H Whitehouse queried item 17, Museum collections, which had no date for when this item would be reviewed by the select committee. Work on the museum collections did not have to be finished before a report came before the select committee. Councillor D Sunder noted that she would like a report on what was happening to the collections to be considered at the next meeting.


(b)          Stronger Council Select Committee


Councillor P Bolton reported on the ICT update and that members had been concerned by the large change of staff. However, this had been because of the nature of the change of the ICT programmes, which because they had changed so drastically, not all officers had been suited to the new developments. There was a big bedding in process while this restructure was ongoing which the select committee would monitor. The People Team did undertake exit interviews which were acted upon when necessary. The People Strategy set out the achievements realised during year 1 for 2021/22 and what would be achieved in year 2 for 2021/22. The Accommodation Strategy regarding the upgrading of the Civic Offices was completed and it was hoped that meetings would take place soon. A high court hearing was due to be heard on 21 April 2021 to agree if there could be an extension on distance / virtual meetings, but members would be let into the Civic Offices when it was safe to do so.


Councillor S Murray asked if small groups of members would be allowed to view the Civic Offices? The Strategy, Delivery and Performance Service Director replied that there was a phased return for Conder Building staff and then the offices would be used for postal vote issuing and opening sessions, so early to mid-May seemed to be the earliest councillors might be able to access to the offices.


(c)          Stronger Place Select Committee


Councillor S Heather advised that the select committee had completed all its work programme apart from item 6, sheltered housing. Officers were now looking at leasing furniture instead of purchasing and the refurbishment of sheltered housing accommodation was ongoing. Members had also reviewed the Local Enforcement Plan and pre-scrutinised the Green Infrastructure Strategy before a decision by Cabinet in April 2021.




(1)          That the Committee noted the work programmes of the three select committees.

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