Agenda item

Application for a Premises Licence for Gourmet Sheesh, 155 Manor Road, Chigwell, Essex IG7 5QA

To consider the attached report.


The three Councillors that presided over this application were Councillors J. M Whitehouse (Chairman), S Neville and P Stalker.


The Chairman introduced the Members and Officers present and outlined the procedure that would be followed for the determination of the application.


In attendance on behalf of Gourmet Sheesh was Mr Berkpinar the applicant’s representative.


In attendance on behalf of the objectors was Mr Bassi.


(a)          Application before the Sub-Committee


The Licensing Officer, Mr P Jones introduced the application for a new premises licence at Gourmet Sheesh, 155 Manor Road, Chigwell, Essex IG7 5QA which was received on 4 May 2021. The application was for the licensable activities of Recorded Music (Indoors) and Sale of Alcohol for consumption on and off the premises, Monday to Sunday 11:00 – 23:00 and the Operating Schedule set out the conditions which would be attached to the licence if this application was granted.


The Responsible Authorities had received a copy of the application which had been  advertised at the premises and in a local newspaper. In addition to residences and businesses within 150 metres radius of the premises being individually consulted.



The authority had received two representations from Objectors and there were also responses from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, Environmental Health, and Essex Police; all of whom had no comments to make, although the Community Resilience had also responded with conditions that had been agreed with the applicant.



It was noted that the applicant had sought to have Recorded Music both indoors and outdoors, and for licensable activities to terminate at midnight; however following comments received by residents and negotiations with Community Resilience the applicant had amended the application to the hours and activities. Furthermore,  the Licensing Officer advised that Recorded Music was not a licensable activity between the hours of 08:00 – 23:00 where an alcohol licence was granted.


(b)          Presentation from the Application/Representative


Mr Berkpinar advised that following the comments and conditions suggested the applicant had amended their application, which hopefully addressed their concerns. 


(c)           Questions to the Applicant/Representative


The Sub-Committee asked for clarification on whether food and drink would be served on outside paving area. Mr Berkpinar advised that an application had been submitted but this area would be closed at 21:00 and there would be CCTV.


(d)          Presentation from the Objector


Mr Bassi advised that his concerns had been addressed by the conditions set out by the Environmental Enforcement Officer on pages 72,73 & 74 of the agenda and he had nothing further to add.


(e)          Questions to the Objectors

There were no questions to the Objector.


(f)            Closing Statements from the Applicant/Representative


Mr Berkpinar advised that they had sought advice from the licensing department and had been happy to address their concerns. They wished to be part of the community and not effect peoples lives in any detrimental way.


(g)          Consideration of the Application by the Sub-Committee


The Chairman advised that the Sub-Committee would go into private deliberations to consider the application.


The Sub-Committee noted all of the submissions and representations, both oral and written which had been made in relation to the application and considered what was appropriate to promote the four licensing objectives and the relevant parts of the Council’s Licensing Policy and the Home Office’s guidance.


During their deliberations the Sub-Committee received no further advice from the Legal Officer present.




That the application for a premises licence for Gourmet Sheesh, 155 Manor Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 5QA be Granted subject to the following conditions which in the opinion of the Licensing Sub-Committee were consider reasonable and proportionate and would not undermine licensing objectives.


(a)   conditions were consistent with the Operating Schedule as submitted by the applicant on 28th April 2021 set out on pages 39 - 60 of the agenda;


(b)   conditions previously agreed between the applicant and Duncan Forsyth, Environmental Enforcement Officer of Epping Forest District Council, as set out on pages 72 to 74 of the Agenda relating to the prevention of public nuisance; and


(c)    the mandatory conditions contained in Sections 19 - 21 of the Licensing Act 2003.



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