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Planning Application - EPF/0878/22 32 Lushes Road, Loughton IG10 3QB

To consider the attached report for a proposed 4 metres single storey rear extension and an outbuilding.


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Application Type:

Full planning permission

Case Officer:

Alastair Prince

Site Address:

32 Lushes Road Loughton Essex IG10 3QB


Proposed 4 metres single storey rear extension & an outbuilding.


Loughton Alderton



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Approve with Conditions


Conditions: (6)





The development hereby permitted shall begin not later than three years from the date of this decision.

Reason: To comply with the requirements of Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).





The development hereby permitted shall be carried out and retained strictly in accordance with the following approved plans: 32LUSHRD; Block Plan, ExistElevs, ExistElevs/A, ExistPlans, Location Plan, PropElevs,PropElevs/A, PropPlans, Roof Plans


Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and to ensure the proposal is built in accordance with the approved plans.





The materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces of the development hereby permitted shall match those of the existing building.


Reason: To ensure a satisfactory appearance in the interests of visual amenity of the area, in accordance with policy DBE10 of the adopted Local Plan 1998 & 2006, and Policy DM9 of the Local Plan Submission Version 2017, and the NPPF.





Access to the flat roof over the extension hereby approved shall be for maintenance or emergency purposes only and the flat roof shall not be used as a seating area, roof garden, terrace, patio or similar amenity area.


Reason: To safeguard the privacy of adjacent properties, in accordance with policy DBE9 of the adopted Local Plan and Alterations 1998 & 2006, policy DM9 of the Local Plan Submission Version 2017, and the NPPF.





No deliveries, external running of plant and equipment or demolition and construction works, other than internal works not audible outside the site boundary, shall take place on the site other than between the hours of 07:30 to 18:00 on Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturday and not at all on Sundays, Public or Bank Holidays.


Reason: To ensure that the proposed construction work does not cause undue nuisance and disturbance to neighbouring properties at unreasonable hours and in accordance with policies RP5A and DBE9 of the adopted Local Plan 1998 & 2006, and policies DM9 and DM 21 of the Local Plan Submission Version 2017, and the NPPF.




The outbuilding hereby permitted shall not be occupied for any residential overnight accommodation and shall not be used at any time other than for purposes incidental to the residential use of the dwelling known as 32 Lushes Road, Loughton, IG10 3QB.


Reason: The development does not satisfy the standards considered acceptable by the Local Planning Authority for a separate unit of accommodation, in accordance with policy DBE1 of the adopted Local Plan 1998 & 2006, Policies DM9 and DM10 of the Local Plan Submission Version 2017, and the NPPF.







Informatives: (1)





The Local Planning Authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this application by assessing the proposal against all material considerations, including planning policies and any representations that may have been received and subsequently determining to grant planning permission in accordance with the presumption in favour of sustainable development, as set out within the National Planning Policy Framework.







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