Committee details

Audit & Governance Committee

Purpose of committee

The Council has a number of strategies in place to regulate its activities and demonstrate the robustness of its governance arrangements. One of the functions of the Audit and Governance Committee is to take a view on whether these strategies have been properly formulated and remain effective, in order to provide independent assurance to the Council on the adequacy of the internal control and risk management frameworks. The areas covered include:


(a)        the assurance framework including the production of the annual Statement on Internal Control;


(b)        the local Code of Corporate Governance, incorporating risk management, internal control, standards of conduct and accountability, excluding matters within the terms of reference of the Standards Committee;


(c)        the review of corporate arrangements in place for ensuring Value for Money;


(d)        to ensure that anti-fraud arrangements are in place; and


(e)        to receive a summary report annually on anti-fraud measures and prosecutions.


Contact information

Support officer: Laura Kirman. Tel: 01992 564243 Email: