Issue - decisions

Waste Management Policies

23/12/2009 - Waste Management Policy - Replacement Containers

That the policy on loss or damage of waste management containers be adopted, subject to the following amendments:


(a)        clause 2(c) to be reviewed and deleted for the time being; and


(b)        clause 2(d) to be amended to read “…than in 2(a) to 2(b) above…”.

14/09/2009 - Waste Management Policies

(1)        That the new waste management policy statements numbers (1) to (6) be agreed and adopted;


(2)        That waste management policy statement number (7) and specifically the arrangements therein for dealing with requests for additional garden waste capacity be agreed and adopted; and


(3)        That the future consideration of further policies relating to lost, damaged and stolen containers, and policies relating to flats and communal buildings be noted.