Issue - decisions

Review of Housing Allocations Scheme

08/02/2018 - Review of Housing Allocations Scheme

(1)        That the recommendations of the Communities Select Committee be accepted, as per Appendix A of the report;


(2)        That one change to the draft Scheme be agreed in response to comments made by Nazeing Parish Council following the outcome of the consultation exercise with the Tenants and Leaseholders Panel, local residents, partner agencies, Parish and Town Councils and Housing Association partners, as set out at Appendix B of the report;


(3)        That the four changes made to the Housing Allocations Scheme (subsequent to consideration by the Communities Select Committee) be agreed in accordance with the advice received from the external legal advisor, as set out at Appendix C of the report;  


(4)        That under the penalties for refusals of offers of accommodation (Paragraph 18.9 of the Scheme refers) the numbers of offers within any period before any penalty was applied be increased from three to four for existing tenants of the Council who were under-occupying accommodation and wished to move to smaller Council accommodation with their application being deferred for a period of twelve months; and 


(5)        That the Communities Select Committee be requested to review the Housing Allocations Scheme again after 3 years of operation.