Issue - decisions

Additional Policing / Uniformed Services

08/02/2018 - Options and Implications of the Council Funding the Employment of Police Officers in the Epping Forest District

(1)        That £215,000 per annum budget provision be made in the District Development Fund (DDF) for 3 years, to fund the following provision, for a pilot period of three years from April 2018 to March 2021:


            (a)        the employment of three full-time Police Officers by Essex Police,    including a Sergeant and two Police Constables, to be tasked and directed by   the Council;


            (b)        the commissioning of Parkguard security company to undertake       targeted patrolling and youth engagement work; and


            (c)        the delivery of additional, targeted sessions at Crucial Crew and      Reality Roadshow;


(2)        That a Service Level Agreement (SLA) be drawn up with Essex Police to set out the detailed requirements and arrangements relating to decision 1(a) above, in line with the Heads of Terms for the SLA set out in the report;


(3)        That the cost of £215,000 per annum be funded by increasing the Council Tax by £3.69 (2.5%) per annum for a band ‘D’ property; and


(4)        That regular monitoring reports be submitted to the Communities Select Committee every six months by the Community Safety Team throughout the life of this initiative.

12/12/2017 - Proposal for Increased Policing or Uniformed Presence in the District

(1)        That further discussion be undertaken with Essex Police to fully determine the options and implications of the Council funding two Police Officers as part of a hybrid model of operation to improve levels of policing in the District;


(2)        That, as a short term measure, Parkguard security company be appointed to provide regular uniformed patrolling of the District during the period 2 January 2018 to March 31 2018, subject to further review, and that Sections 5 and 10 of the Council’s Procurement Rules be waived accordingly;


(3)        That a District Development Fund supplementary estimate in the sum of £25,000 for 2017/18 be recommended to the Council for approval to cover the costs of the appointment of Parkguard security company; and


(4)        That appropriate budget provision be made for the commissioning of a service on a longer-term basis from 2018/19.