Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
North Essex Shared Services09/07/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Local Plan Implementation Report27/06/2024For Determination07/10/2024
Final Draft Budget 2025/2627/06/2024For Determination03/02/2025
Draft Budget 2025/2627/06/2024For Determination09/12/2024
Regeneration and Place Based Investment Fund10/06/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Transfer of Grounds Maintenance into Qualis Property Solutions – 12 Month Update03/06/2024For Determination02/07/2024
Qualis Business Plan Update03/06/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Qualis Quarterly Monitoring Report – Q3 (Year 6) 2024/2530/05/2024For Determination17/03/2025
Qualis Quarterly Monitoring Report – Q2 (Year 6) 2024/2530/05/2024For Determination09/12/2024
Qualis Quarterly Monitoring Report – Q1 (Year 6) 2024/2530/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Qualis Quarterly Monitoring Report – 6 months transitional period to 31st March 202430/05/2024For Determination15/07/2024
The Broadway Major Repairs Project30/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Quarter 2 Budget Monitoring Report (2024/25)30/05/2024For Determination11/11/2024
Capital Programme Update (General Fund & HRA)30/05/2024For Determination07/10/2024
Updated Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 2025/26 to 2029/30 (including Budget Strategy 2025/2630/05/2024For Determination07/10/2024
Quarter 1 Budget Monitoring Report (2024/25)30/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Financial Planning Framework 2025/26 to 2029/3030/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
South Epping Masterplan Area - Endorsement of Strategic Masterplan Framework and Design Code30/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Joint Venture (JV)30/05/2024For Determination15/07/2024
EFDC Waste Policy Changes30/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Draft revised Corporate Plan30/05/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Proposed new KPI Suite30/05/2024For Determination30/07/2024
Productivity Plan 202430/05/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Planning Advisory Service Development Management Committee Review29/04/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Approach to Housing Energy Efficiency Retrofit26/03/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Housing Repairs and Maintenance Policy26/03/2024For Determination
North Weald Airfield New Control Tower / Fire Station development and Post Google Land Sale Obligations26/03/2024For Determination28/05/2024
Consolidation of web platform projects across Epping Forest and Colchester City Councils for a hosting provider and a delivery partner26/03/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Chequers B development16/02/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Terra Verde Services (TVS) Business Plan & Specification16/02/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Adoption of Waste Strategy for Essex 2024 - 205416/02/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Interim Polling Districts as a result of the Boundary Review31/08/2023For Determination17/12/2024
Contaminated Land Strategy02/08/2023For DeterminationNot before 01/07/2024
Customer/Digital Strategy01/12/2022For Determination