Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Options for Service Charges31/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
New Approach to Council House Building - New Liaison Methodology31/07/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Parking Provision of New Development31/07/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Approval to go to full planning and build Mason Way31/07/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Approval to go to full planning and build St John's.31/07/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Review of Tenancy Strategy - update on Changes31/07/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Disposal of Assets (Due to Structure Issues)31/07/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Review of Contractor Framework31/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Proposed provision of parking on new developments31/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
From Bricks to Mortar - our approach to investing in our communities31/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Qualis31/07/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Highway Rangers31/07/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Introduction of Landing Fees for visiting Aircraft at NWA31/07/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Acceptance of Tender - Contract 101 - Removal of Asbestos containing Materials 2020-2531/07/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Sustainability Guidance31/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Green Infrastructure Strategy31/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Mason Way - Affordable Housing Opportunities16/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Acceptance of Tender - Audio and Visual Project16/07/2020For Determination14/08/2020
Implementation of the Local Plan01/07/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Qualis11/05/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Qualis Monitoring - Ongoing Quarterly11/05/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Initial Feasibility on Providing Community Facilities and Residential Accommodation at St John's Church06/03/2020For Determination19/10/2020
Contract Variation with Places Leisure28/02/2020For Determination03/12/2020
Options for disposal of RTB Receipts04/02/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Recommendations of Framework for construction of CHB04/02/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Recommendations on Policy for flexible service charges04/02/2020For Determination17/09/2020
Council Housing Building Update04/02/2020For Determination08/09/2020
Peoples Strategy - Ongoing31/01/2020For Determination
LGA Peer review - Position Statement02/10/2019For Determination20/04/2021
Charging for EIR31/07/2019For Determination19/10/2020
Procurement Strategy28/06/2019For Determination03/12/2020
Strategic Review of Waste Management18/05/2017For Determination03/12/2020