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01/07/2020 - Small-Scale Care Facility - Variation of Restrictive Covenant ref: 3570    For Determination

Decision Maker: Housing & Community Services Portfolio Holder

Decision published: 02/07/2020

Effective from: 10/07/2020


  1. That an agreement is entered into between the freeholder / owner of 30 Buxton Road, Waltham Abbey and the Council, varying the restrictive covenant to grant permission for either its current use or as a small-scale care facility (Children’s Home), rather than releasing the covenant in full, ensuring that the Council maintains control over any future changes of use to the property; subject to the following conditions being met:


(a)   That the agreement includes conditions to ensure that occupiers do not cause any general management problems including anti-social behaviour, or excessive noise nuisance, or that their occupation does not create excessive parking problems in the area;


(b)   That the agreement be terminated if there are any justified complaints from the local community;


(c)   That the Council’s reasonable legal and management fees relating to the execution of the agreement are met by the owner;


(d)   That Planning Permission is granted for use as a small-scale care facility.


(e)   That the Director of Property & Housing is satisfied that the small-scale care facility has the relevant licences in place related to its operation.


(f)     That the Director of Housing has no reasons why the Council should not vary the covenant.


Lead officer: Rachel Smith

01/07/2020 - Out of Hours Mears Call Handling Contract Extension ref: 3569    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Customer & Corporate Support Services Portfolio Holder

Decision published: 02/07/2020

Effective from: 10/07/2020


That agreement be given to continue to use Mears for our out of hours emergency call handling service on a twelve-month rolling contract basis.


Lead officer: Susan Lewis