Election results for Buckhurst Hill West

Parish Council By-election -Buckhurst Hill West - Thursday, 8th December, 2005


Buckhurst Hill West - results
Election Candidate Party Votes % Outcome
Susan Jane Brackenbury Liberal Democrat 437 29% Elected
Carol Taylor Liberal Democrat 421 28% Elected
Terence O'Gara Conservative 370 25% Not elected
Councillor J McCulloch 277 18% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 2
Total votes 1505
Electorate 5140
Share of the votes (%)
Susan Jane Brackenbury 29% Elected
Carol Taylor 28% Elected
Terence O'Gara 25% Not elected
Councillor J McCulloch 18% Not elected

Any discrepancy between the total number of votes cast and the ballot papers issued is agreed with agents at the count, prior to the declaration of the result.