Election results for Eastern

European Parliamentary Election - Thursday 22nd May 2014

Election of Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

Eastern - results
Election Candidate Party Votes % Outcome
Stuart Agnew UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Tim Aker UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Hugh Annand Liberal Democrats
Kevin Austin Christian Peoples Alliance
David Bannerman Conservative Party
Jane Basham Labour Party
Paul Bishop Labour Party
Michael Braun British National Party
Belinda Brooks-Gordon Liberal Democrats
Mark Burmby British National Party
Mark Clamp Christian Peoples Alliance
Jane Clamp Christian Peoples Alliance
Carl Clark Christian Peoples Alliance
Jonathan Collett Conservative Party
Bridget Cowan English Democrats
Karl Davies An Independence From Europe
Brian Denny NO2EU
Eleanor Donne NO2EU
Andrew Duff Liberal Democrats
Mark Ereira Green Party
Kirsty Evans Christian Peoples Alliance
John Flack Conservative Party
Vicky Ford Conservative Party
Stephen Glennon NO2EU
Stephen Goldspink English Democrats
David Goode NO2EU
Michael Green Liberal Democrats
Josephine Hayes Liberal Democrats
Ash Haynes Green Party
Michael Heaver UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Paul Hooks British National Party
Philip Howell British National Party
Richard Howitt Labour Party
Mark Hughes UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Tom Hunt Conservative Party
Leonardo Impett NO2EU
Linda Jack Liberal Democrats
Bhavna Joshi Labour Party
Robert Lindsay Green Party
Christopher Livingstone British National Party
Teresa MacKay NO2EU
Sandy Martin Labour Party
Alex Mayer Labour Party
Mick McGough UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Jill Mills Green Party
Andy Monk UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Jeremy Moss English Democrats
Patrick O'Flynn UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Chris Olley Christian Peoples Alliance
Geoffrey Van Orden Conservative Party
Chris Ostrowski Labour Party
Richard Perry British National Party
Fiona Radic Green Party
Rupert Read Green Party
Stephen Robinson Liberal Democrats
Edmond Rosenthal An Independence From Europe
Marc Scheimann Green Party
Margaret Simons Conservative Party
Maria Situmbeko English Democrats
Rupert Smith An Independence From Europe
Stephen Smith British National Party
Raymond Spalding An Independence From Europe
Emily Thompson-Golding NO2EU
Robin Tilbrook English Democrats
Stephen Todd Christian Peoples Alliance
Charles Vickers English Democrats
Don Whitbread English Democrats
Paul Wiffen An Independence From Europe
Dennis Wiffen An Independence From Europe
Betty Wiffen An Independence From Europe
Voting Summary
Details Number
Electorate 97292

Any discrepancy between the total number of votes cast and the ballot papers issued is agreed with agents at the count, prior to the declaration of the result.