Meeting attendance

Tuesday 16th July 2013 7.30 pm, Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Venue:   Council Chamber, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping

Contact:    Simon Hill, Senior Democratic Services Officer, The Office of the Chief Executive
email: Tel: 01992 564249

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Richard Morgan Chairman Present
Councillor Ken Angold-Stephens Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Gavin Chambers Member Present
Councillor Kewal Chana Member Present
Councillor Tony Church Member Present
Councillor Leon Girling Member Apologies
Councillor Derek Jacobs Member Present
Councillor Helen Kane Member Present
Councillor Paul Keska Member Present
Councillor Alan Lion Member Present
Councillor Ann Mitchell MBE Member Present
Councillor Stephen Murray Member Apologies
Councillor John Philip Member Present
Councillor Brian Rolfe Member Apologies
Councillor Glynis Shiell Member In attendance
Councillor David Wixley Member Present
Councillor Kenneth Avey Member In attendance
Councillor Richard Bassett Member In attendance
Councillor Anne Grigg Member In attendance
Chairman of Council, David Stallan Member In attendance
Councillor Gary Waller Member In attendance
Councillor Liz Webster Member In attendance
Councillor Chris Whitbread Member In attendance
Councillor John Wyatt Member In attendance
Derek Macnab Officer In attendance
John Preston Officer In attendance
Ian Willett Officer In attendance
John Houston Officer In attendance
Simon Hill Officer In attendance
Adrian Hendry Officer In attendance
Mark Jenkins Officer In attendance