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Epping Forest District Local Strategic Partnership


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The Epping Forest Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is a voluntary partnership that brings the public, private and voluntary sector agencies responsible for the provision of services across the District together to improve our quality of life.


The LSP recognises and responds to the priorities and needs of local people based upon the findings from joint consultation and report annually on progress at the Epping Forest District Community Conference. The full LSP Partnership meets four times a year and its role is to oversee the overall strategic direction of the LSP.


For more information on the LSP please go to their website which is at www.oneeppingforest.org.uk


Epping Forest District Council’s appointments to the LSP are listed below.


(a)       LSP Board - C Whitbread (CON),

(b)       Health and Wellbeing Board – A Patel (CON),N Bedford (CON);

(c)       Economic Board – A Patel (CON)

(d)       Tourism Board – R Bassett (CON)



Contact information

Colin Rowell or David Wright

Website: http://www.oneeppingforest.org.uk/

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