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Progress Report - Phases 4 to 6

To consider the attached report (CHB-009-2019/20).


That the contents of this Progress Report on Phases 4 to 6 of the Council House Building Programme be noted and presented to the Cabinet in line with the Terms of Reference of the Council House Building Cabinet Committee.  


The Service Manager, Housing Management and Home Ownership presented a report the Cabinet Committee, she advised that the report set out the progress that had been made across Phase 4 of the Council Housebuilding programme that had either been completed, were on-site or were currently being procured.


Package 4.1 comprised of 14x units that had been tendered and were approved at CHBCC on 19 December 2019. Package 4.2 comprised on 22x units and were now being tendered the outcome would be reported to the Council Housebuilding Cabinet Committee (CHBCC) meeting in June 2020. Package 4.3 comprised of 49x units, previously 31x units. This package had been reviewed, resulting in some additional potential units being identified. The proposals were being progressed for planning submission, tender and reporting to the CHBCC. Package 4.4 comprised of 5x units and were now being technically progressed.


Phase 4 – package 4.1


The first group of sites within package 4.1 were competitively tendered and presented for approval at the 19 December 2019 CHBCC meeting. Package 4.1 relates to sites at Chequers Road (Site A - 3 x Properties), Bushfields (2 x Properties), Loughton. Package 2 – Chester Road (3 x Properties), Loughton. Package 3 – Queensway (4 x Properties) and Millfield (2 x Properties), Ongar, delivering the first 14 properties.


A pre-start meeting has been held, and contracts have now been issued for signing. Currently, post-tender and client changes are being priced to enable the Contractor to take possession imminently.


Phase 4 – package 4.2


Package 4.2 were currently out for tender to deliver 22 properties, comprising Hornbeam Close (B) – 3x units, Hornbeam House – 2x units, Bourne House – 2x units, Etheridge Road – 3 x units, Denny Avenue – 3 x units, Beechfield Walk – 5 x units and Kirby Close – 4 x units.


The role of the ‘Principal Architect’ and their involvement in the procurement of the sub-consultants, surveys and the associated scope of works had been reviewed and amended following which, it was anticipated that this may result in c£150k to c£200k of savings in the fees going forward.


Phase 4 – package 4.3


Package 4.3 comprised of Lower Alderton Hall Lane – 2x units, Inclusion of Lower Alderton Hall Lane was pending. This site was currently awaiting planning consent to be released pending the resolution with regards to the Local Plan and Natural England.


Pick Hill, Waltham Abbey – 2x units are progressing now potential drainage outfalls have been identified. The Council have reviewed the potential scope of the site at Ladyfields, Loughton, which previously had approval for six units, was now being re-planned to deliver c17x units. Woollard Street, Waltham Abbey, had been redesigned as the consented scheme was undeliverable as the ridge height exceeded the permissible height. Pentlow Way, Buckhurst Hill – 7x units and Chequers Road (B) – 5x units, have been delayed pending agreement with Thames Water to permit build over contracts which have only recently been confirmed. Chequers Road (B) was consented for 5x units however it was being reviewed as it may be possible to deliver c12x units totalling c49x units (previously approved 31x units), These schemes would now progress to tender in March/April 2020.


Phase 4 – package 4.4


Package 4.4 sites comprised of 5x units in total. Thatcher’s Close, Loughton – 1x unit, Broomfield Court, Waltham Abbey – 1x unit, Shingle Court, Waltham Abbey – 1x unit, Stoneyshotts, Waltham Abbey – 1x unit and Wrangley Court, Waltham Abbey – 1x unit. These were now being technically assessed with the aim of them being tendered in June/July 2020.


Phase 5 & 6


Work to identify sites for the above phases was due to be completed by mid-March, following this officers will begin to hold briefings with members to start the consultation process. Reports will be presented to the next CHBCC meeting.


Phases 2 & 3


Burton Road had six units which were completed however, challenges over the location of a gas pipe was still outstanding, although a resolution was close to being reached. A further update would be provided at the next CHBCC meeting. Queens Road, which had a delayed start due to contamination was now on target to be completed in August 2020, this was in line with the revised target date.




Whitehills site was to be sold at auction in March 2020.


Rights of Way issues


The Rights of Way/Access issues stemming from the Appropriation process were being addressed in line with the phased programme. A policy was being developed to ensure a fair and consistent approach was being taken.


The Chairman advised the Cabinet Committee that the Burton Road development, Phases 2 and 3, was due to be opened but had now been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Councillor A Patel asked if Package 4.3 which was originally 31x units and had now been increased to provide 49x units, for clarification was this increase due to the Local Plan and had it been justified.


The Service Manager advised that she did not have that information to hand and would speak to her colleague Mr Cosgrave, who worked on the technical side and would report back at the next meeting of the CHBCC meeting. She added that through the RTB the Council lost 30 units a year therefore sites were being reviewed to maximise the potential of the site to counteract this loss.




That the contents of this Progress Report on Phases 4 to 6 of the Council House Building Programme be noted and presented to the Cabinet in line with the Terms of Reference of the Council House Building Cabinet Committee.


Reasons for the Decision:


Set out in its Terms of Reference, the Council House Building Cabinet Committee was to monitor and report to the Council on an annual basis progress and expenditure concerning the Council House Building Programme. This report sets out the progress made over the last 12 months.


Other Options Considered and Rejected:


This report was on the progress made over the last 12 months and was for noting purposes only. There are no other options for action.

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