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Planning Application EPF/1186/21 - Forestside, Baldwins Hill, Loughton IG10 1SD

(Service Manager – Development Management) To consider the attached report for a single storey rear extension and new roof lights to existing side return.


The Service Director for Planning Services, N Richardson, presented a report for the construction of a single storey rear extension and the addition of rear roof lights to the existing side return at ‘Forestside’ on Baldwins Hill in Loughton. This application was before the Committee as it had been submitted by or on behalf of a District Councillor.


N Richardson informed the Committee that the site was located within the urban area of Loughton and comprised a detached house. The site was within a conservation area or the Metropolitan Green Belt, and the building was not listed, although there was one preserved tree at the rear of the site. It was likely that the neighbouring properties had been extended in the past.


Planning Officers had concluded that the proposed works were of an acceptable size, scale and design, and would have a neutral impact on the appearance of the existing building. In addition, it was considered that there would be a limited impact to the living conditions of the adjacent neighbour arising from the development. Therefore, it was recommended that planning permission should be granted.


The Committee noted the summary of representations that had been received in respect of this application, which comprised of two objections to the application – one of which was from Loughton Town Council. There were no public speakers registered for this application and the Committee proceeded to debate the application.


Cllr C C Pond informed the Committee that the site had been part of a conservation area until 1996, when it had then been excluded. The Committee acknowledged that the application might give rise to increased light pollution; however, there was a street lamp nearby to the site and there were other instances of light pollution in the immediate vicinity of the site. The Committee felt that there was nothing in the application to merit refusal.


Cllr C C Pond proposed an amendment to condition 7, such that any wheel washing or other cleaning facilities should be approved by the Council, and this was agreed by the Committee.




            (1)        That planning permission for application EPF/1186/21 at ‘Forestside’ in             Baldwins Hill, Loughton should be granted, subject to the following conditions:


1…The development hereby permitted must be begun not later than the expiration of three years beginning with the date of this notice.


2…The development hereby permitted shall be carried out and retained strictly in accordance with the following approved plans: 035-EX-01, 035-PL-01 and 035-PL-02.


3…The materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces of the development hereby permitted shall match those specified in the submitted application form, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


4…Tree protection shall be implemented prior to the commencement of development activities (including demolition), and the methodology for development (including supervision) shall be undertaken in accordance with the submitted Tree Survey/ Arboricultural Method Statement reports and Tree protection shall be installed as shown on Moore Partners Ltd drawing number MH/FS/01 dated 1st June 2021 unless the Local Planning Authority gives its prior written approval to any alterations.


5…If any tree, shrub or hedge shown to be retained in the submitted Arboricultural reports is removed, uprooted or destroyed, dies, or becomes severely damaged or diseased during development activities or within 3 years of the completion of the development, another tree, shrub or hedge of the same size and species shall be planted within 3 months at the same place, unless the Local Planning Authority gives its written consent to any variation. If within a period of five years from the date of planting any replacement tree, shrub or hedge is removed, uprooted or destroyed, or dies or becomes seriously damaged or defective another tree, shrub or hedge of the same species and size as that originally planted shall, within 3 months, be planted at the same place.


6…No deliveries, external running of plant and equipment or demolition and construction works, other than internal works not audible outside the site boundary, shall take place on the site other than between the hours of 07:30 to 18:00 on Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturday and not at all on Sundays, Public or Bank Holidays without the prior written permission of the Local Planning Authority.


7…Wheel washing or other cleaning facilities as approved by the Local Planning Authority, for vehicles leaving the site during construction works shall be installed and utilised to clean vehicles immediately before leaving the site. Any mud or other material deposited on nearby roads as a result of the development shall be removed.

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