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Corporate Plan - 2023/24 Quarter 1 Performance Report



The Committee reviewed the quarter 2, July – August 2023, Corporate Performance Report.


The Committee

·       received assurance the waste management transitional arrangement was on track. There was a high level of project governance and quality assurance associated with the project.


·       were advised that the new telephone system had gone live, as part of the omnichannel project. The new system would provide access to new data sets to better understand customer feedback, further work would be undertaken and a detailed report would be brought to this Committee.


·       acknowledged that the review and target setting for KPI was an annual process.

·       received a verbal update on planning KPI;’s. The percentage of applications determined within the agreed timescales for quarter 2 were: 100% for Majors applications; 81.4% Minor applications and 84% other applications.  Changes in performance were linked to staff turnover and vacancies, and applications that were called into Committee, would rarely meet the deadlines.

·       questioned the timescales and comparative performance of processing planning applications and were advised that Major applications should be determined within 13 weeks form registration, the timeline could be extended if the applicant agreed to an extension of time.  Minor and Other applications had an  8 weeks target from registration to decision. Comparison with other authorities with better performance data showed they had a  greater proportion of delegated decisions by officers.

·       queried the underlying reasons behind the low level of self-declaration in relation to equalities monitoring data and were advised that renewed efforts and alternative methods to encourage disclosure including communications to increase understanding of the value of this data, would be developed.  The Chief Executive advised that there had been a cultural shift Council’s approach to diversity, inclusion and equality including the development of specific equality groups and initiatives that had been set up by staff.

·       Were informed that the labour market across the public sector was tight, with specific issues in some professional areas, recruitment and retention was a challenge. New collaborative work with other organisations for recruitment and wider opportunities could assist moving forward.

·       received clarification that sickness absence had reduced. Work and non-work related mental health issues were recorded and the short and long term sickness figures could be segregated.

·       were informed that officers were conducting a review of data sets and available PI data for the new municipal year. A suite of KPI’s and data that could provide insight to assist the committee, would be brought to a future meeting. This would provide an opportunity to consider the value of the inclusion of long- and short-term sickness measure, the number and status of staff vacancies, and would include the revised targets for KPIs




That the review of the Corporate Performance Report for quarter 2 of the Corporate Plan for the period 2023-27 be noted.




(1)               To investigate and report back on specific geographical or service issues that impacted on low customer satisfaction - Service Director - Customer Services,  R Pavey

(2)               To investigate and report back on the impact form the new policy in relation to rent in advance- Interim Housing and Property Director S Balu

(3)               To investigate and report back on the reasons for the levels of homelessness – Homelessness Team Manager – D Blake

(4)               The target for customer services would be corrected to read 70% and all  other targets would be checked for accuracy – Project Team Manager, C Graham.

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